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  • Oh heavens no x.X I did Java for a year but otherwise I'm a C# programmer. Know some C/C++ too. I just didn't mess around with no databases.
    I didn't really have anyone to teach me either. Most of it I learned on my own and through suffering. But I'm taking a couple of courses given out by an excellent lecturer who comes to share his experience with students (I'm only now getting to my degree... though third year already <3) so my experience really helps. I understand errors I've done and know how to apply what he teachers me, something my classmates have a really hard time with.

    Programming games is like a dream for me, though I kind of doubt I'd really wanna program a game I'd wanna play.
    Like, I wouldn't wanna work on KH... unless I'll get to slap Nomura around for his crappy storytelling O:<
    And yeah. I was eager for that course ever since I started my degree since I saw they offered it, but could only take it now (it's not a mandatory course so it was only available late into the degree and with quite a few requirements...). We're programming space invaders xD;;; which is pretty lame on itself but it's a good way to start. You learn how the game flow goes (at least in the XNA framework), how to mess around with graphics, movement, collision detection, scoring, players, etc. We're gonna learn how to manage screens soon and what not :3~ then moving on to sound and effects and eventually 3D. Lots of fun stuff that I hope we'll manage seeing how the semester's restricted in time x_X;;; guh.
    None of what you worked in appeal to me :x *.NET programmer*
    Thankfully though I've like 6 years of experience under my belt so I doubt I'll have such a hard time finding a job once I leave my current one (contract ends in a couple of months)

    C# <3
    And that sounds like something I'd like to do xD; right now I'm taking an extra course in college about developing video games with the XNA framework. Hope it'll net me a job, too.
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