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  • Belive me rei I woudn't mkae a rp that would die but I hear what your saying. This rp isen't gonna be made for atleast two weeks thouhg, lol I need to let some rp's die down and I'm pretty busy at the moment. I was just wondering when it does come out if ya would swing by and check it out.

    Anyway I'm going to sleep, there aint much to do on the fourms tonight.
    Most of that JAzz, but no cannon characters, they for some reason always cause lots of trouble.

    Don't worry it's not gonna be a huge RP, moer of a simple but still good rp, one ya can relax in. Think of high school only FF8 style and it's not soul crushing.
    The ad for J-List on the site doesn't bother me because I trust them. I've been to the site to get some things once. A friend even owes me a translated "H" game from there.
    Sorry! I haven't gotten it so I don't have the names of the characters memorized yet. Plus, I don't know the quotes yet.
    That must've taken forever to type! Anyways, thanks and I shall return the favor in any way that I can. All that you shall need to do is ask and I will try to fulfill the request.
    Hey, I'm finally gettin' Persona 4! Also, do you know of any good anime image sites? I already know about advancedanime.com but I need more because my collection is seriously lacking. Hentai is optional.
    Yeah, I had trouble with that too, what with the last names first and underscores for spaces. Looking at the tags for pictures helped out with that a lot though. Well worth the trouble though. I spend most of the time looking up different Touhou images. While there is a lot of hentai on that site, there are also quite a few gems in there.
    Ah, thanks for that. This guy has got some nice stuff. I love danbooru; I can't even tell how many hours I've spent just browsing there.
    No, it's confined to our country and territories abroad. Basically, our government is one built on lies and deception.
    More or less. They have their own rules and not all bills get passed into laws. And that's where bills start so in a way, they control everything. The control how much money the president can spend all the way up to wether or not we can go to war. The president has to ASK them to do things. And most of the time they don't allow it.
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