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  • Yeah man, I'm a resident of New Jersey and have been since 2004. If you remember "Evangeline" she was here for a couple of years before moving, actually got to meet her twice. All of my mother's family and most of my dad's lives here, but as far as actually being able to survive in the state at current wages, it's just not possible. I have many friends and some of my other distant family members that live in GA, not to mention I kind of want to just be somewhere else you know? I decided this about a year ago, between saving money from tax returns, bonuses, and anything else I could save, I just need time off to go and look at apartments in the summer time and get all my school shit in order.
    The section hasn't seen an original RP in almost 3 years, it's dry since, well the entire crew basically left the site. Skitty and Dream (The Sisters) are still here, which, is actually a surprise considering even Sorapaw(Endless Warrior Sora) stopped posting altogether. Everything has been great, just been busy with work and planning a move in another 5-6 months. Working on a trade, regular schooling for an art degree has made it pretty difficult to get a job, so I figure while I at least have a portfolio put together, I could do something like become an electrician, carpenter, plumber, or a welder.
    At first, the girl falls silent from the slight surprise of the kiss, simply staring at the older man, but she soon becomes unable to hold in her giggles at such an unexpected gesture. She almost hadn't realised just how much she'd missed him, too. "Almost a year!" she agrees, still laughing. "Everything got really busy for me, even in the summer, but I knew I had to make time to come visit everyone again." She pulled away from the hug and, in a hasty attempt to follow suit, she jokingly took his hand and bowed to kiss it.
    Growing increasingly upset with the crashes of her laptop and her web browser and exhausted from the heat in her cramped, messy room, the girl finally manages to return to her page after what seemed like too long a day. All her frustrations suddenly seem forgotten when she spots a familar figure waiting for her. She halts and rubs her eyes in disbelief --it couldn't be, could it? Was he really here? Would she really get to talk to him? A year seemed so long, but suddenly she felt it might be too soon, since she had no idea what she had planned to say upon meeting him again. "Misty --Misty, it's you! It's really you!" she finally called, running over and pulling him into a tight hug.
    It's dark, and the summer is sweltering, but the shorter-than-average girl with long tinted braids had a smile on her face as she ran to her friend's page. It had been so long --almost an entire year since they had last spoken. Tripping on the cloth of her too-long sundress as she arrived, she noticed she had done so in vain, at least for now --her friend was nowhere to be found. Maybe tomorrow, she hoped as she left a small offering of flower before returning to her own page, feeling a bit desolate.
    Okay, I was just wondering, and I know what you mean. I know Lunar's busy with schoolwork until Monday, and then he's working on a post, I've got a "filler" post nearly finished.
    I don't see any issue with that at all; I might join in myself. Thank you for asking though, I really appreciate that =]
    Yeah, it's kind of like that on my end.

    Do you have any idea for a post on Glimpses? I've got Riku interacting with Jeiss.
    I still live with my parents, and so it's more of their bills, but I help out with it. I don't know all the details, but I know that there's definitely some stuff I'd rather do without.
    You know....I...already put some stuff down and I'm the one who started the whole idea for the rp? lol. We've been working on it this whole time.
    On another site. RPing as usual. I'm back here though. Guess help this place come back to the former glory or at least some glory. FF rp might do something in hopes.
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