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  • Like he can really do anything. The President is just a figurehead that only has the power to approve or dissapprove bills that could be laws. And even that has limits because of the fact that Congress has this system set up that gives them the right to pass a bill into a law even if the president veotes it. It's all in Congress, not the President.
    -shrugs.- I've been this way for as long as I can remember. And there will be tons of others like me because of the fact that the world economy is fallin' to shit and the US Economy is almost ready to snap. .....We need another world war to clear things up. War is good for the economy, in all actuality.
    Kinda-sorta. Because of that, she lost all her clothes, money pictures of me when I was younger(the last one is a pluss for me). She also lost me and my sister because she couldn't raise us at her boy friend's house, he wouldn't let her. So, we went to live with our grandmother who emptied her bank account to get us new clothes so that we may live in her one bed-room apartment.
    Actually it was an accident. I was playing with some matches in the back room and accidently dropped it in the box springs of the bed. That thing went up faster than a teenager that took three viagra.
    The family hatred I chalk up to genetics. My whole family hates one another. But I didn't do anything to my mom. She weighed close to 400 pounds and I was like only five or so. I couldn't do anything to her if I wanted. But I did end up burning down her trailer and home.
    Umm. You evidently got confused when I said that I was laughing. I was laughing at the man who was outsmarted by me as a kid, not my mom.
    What color were you expectin' me to be? You got me insanely curious now for some reason.
    Didn't say she told me

    Hey the Goo Goo dolls are old and there my fav band then bowling for soup and american rejects then of course takeing back sunday there's more but this is off the top of my head.
    LOL yeah tw to one I am, hell If I gave it up I would probaley go threw withdrawll

    she's not my girl, and her song is Just like a pill by pink

    Mu fav song is I'm still by the goo goo dolls though Iris by the same band is a good second
    Well were use to lateing hours, right now there playing toney hawk underground 1, I swear that's my favrote.
    My moms staying at my aunts house so it's just me and my friends, who for soem reason woke up and just trying to find sometihng to do.
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