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Reika Noko
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  • D: it's not working at all? even with the "=whatever you spoil for" thing? it's a must, sadly.
    *pokes harshly* spoiler tags are to be used! DX *points at Higurashi vs. Elfen Lied thread*
    A blunt object would be too much lol I would say she dominates most decisions etc. Anyway I got to go to bed becasue I got collage classes tomorrow cya <3
    lol true but really you could say that I'm submissive not in I enjoy aggressive sex way but in a thats my nature not to be dominating kind of way.
    Hmm well we could switch up in dominance depending on her or she could be the dominant one if she wants but I wouldn't make it my choice it would be hers depending on what she is into. Are you into that?
    Hmm if she wants to be controlling then let her go ahead I don't actually strive to be the dominant one in a relationship. I'll only do it when her dominance gets overdone to the point where its not right on my end.
    If she hurt me then there is a problem with the relationship. I don't like it when a girl does that at all since I put allot into my relationships and that would make my efforts seem worthless.
    I tried that its just that I get a more happy feeling doing things with a girl than with myself. Its like my life feels complete when I'm with a girl doing something or otherwise and I look at her and just feel healthy basically.
    I tried it actually but it felt lonely so I just stopped. I rather do sexual activities with a girl so I know that were both are going to be satisfied. I am more happy doing sexual activities with a girl than doing it by myself so masturbating wouldn't exactly have a positive effect on me since it will make me feel more lonely and make me depressed.
    I know but my only thing against it is that it is a 1 person thing I would prefer other types because it involves 2 people but its mostly a personal reason nothing serious. Its the main reason why I myself don't do it.
    Sex, kissing and blowjobs lol. I am not saying masturbation is wrong I'm just saying that they have alternatives.
    I know I was just saying that if someone doesn't masturbate they still have other sexual ways to stay healthy. And for younger kids they have hobbies.
    I'm not trying to argue but you can chose to only do sexual activities alone and not masturbate and be healthy too. Its mostly up to the person what they would do to get their sexual satisfaction.
    Yea. I've just been grounded for gettin' smart with some of my sisters and their friends. Sorry about that.
    DONT YOU DARE DOWNLOAD IT!....i really aprreciate you wanted to...but i don't want to make you!
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