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Reika Noko
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  • I'm a guy rei-chan, I'm to desne to feel, lol I don't know though when she tells me she tells me, were both skaters and that's are first love.
    She hasen't even said she likes me yet, evne though me and her brother both know she does, hell we all spent 4 mouths with eachother in a freaking touring bus! Girl talkes in her sleep and hits
    YEah yeah I already know that, Alex is dead asleep now, or just dead. and She's just nodding off while she on my shoulder
    YEah yeah I already know that, Alex is dead asleep now, or just dead. and She's just nodding off while she on my shoulder
    More like angrey, she's beating up my frined Alex, who is her older broter I might add, only a couple of mouths but still, ah crap I think she's about to go after me next, it my fault he said that her skateing sucks.
    Beer nasty, now rum that's something good, and she always asks her self that cus she's one of the skater's that went on tour wtih me lol skater girl.
    LOL that's great, well I got some kids to bring to there bed then me and my friends are gonna have are own fun, whatever that is, but mostley sitting down and crakeing stupid jokes, Alex donig somethig dumb, me Trying to fight the tv and Sahara wondering why she hangs out with us.
    not my conern, my thoughts are trying to get my sister to stop messing with my labtop, it's hard to type with a five yearold puttinf stamps on ya stuff or face.........
    No they do it the way you said, this guy just talks about the year and all that bull, I dont' really know I'm not the best at paying attetion to the guy.
    Some old guy that's been doing the ball droping thing for 100 years, I always found it odd why a man would enjoy doing anything that had to do with ball droping
    Hey my lil bro cut my hair till it was spikey, it took me half a year till it went to being at my shoulders again.

    Well ya might get ya chance next year, I mostley do go see it but since I'm only visting I had to baby sit, I'll just run up the channels till I see dick clark, he still alive?
    LOL I lived here first, it my home I guess so the cold really never botherd me.

    I'm watching it on tv this year, me and my friends are babysitigng my bro and sis, though they are very hyper, I geuss giveing them redbull was a bad thing. I don't which channel, just not mtv that's all I say
    I'm back in manhattan for to watch the ball drop then I'm going back home on friday. So how's been ya day, I'm stuck with two sibs, two crazy friends and a dog that thinks he's a monkey
    Remeber if ya hate the rp ya can shoot mine chara right in the head ;D oh and happy new year rei
    Anyway that's how I feel about college, but I know how I'm going to feel, it's not for me, hell I'ed rather be skateboarind or playing the guiter, anyway I'm heading out of my aparment wit my frind Alex, we got lots of skateing to do so night Rei-chan
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