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  • And in posting this most recent message, I notice that you messaged me back and I somehow overlooked it, meaning I have kept you waiting, My bad my friend... *creeps away to view your digital portfolio*
    Always good to see you using Garfield avatars again, makes me happy~
    Here's the build I'm putting together. Added Windows 8 to it since you had that selected in your build (though I despise it with a passion, Windows 7 is bae) This will run just about anything you slap on it. The two extra fans are for installing in the top of this particular case. Put it together correctly and etc, it'll run without a hiccup. Odds are you'll never hear it make a damn sound. It's the same price as a Macbook Pro, but with ten times the power and quality; it'll also (provided you don't smash it with a sledgehammer or something) run like a dream. You won't need to replace the Graphics Card for five-six years, seven-eight depending on when Windows 10 and DirectX12 releases.

    AMD motherboards are cheaper but run hotter, same with processors; Intel processors run cooler and are more power/energy efficient. If you're gonna get a Solid State Drive, Samsung is the best, and 250GB will fit the programs you need (use it for booting and for the programs that take awhile to load, like PSD, etc). The ASUS motherboard has zero issues with reviewers, and RAM is RAM. CPU Cooler is to keep the processor/motherboard cool (hurr durr), and the power supply is enough to power what's in the build + have a little extra just incase, for when you might upgrade parts, etc. The NZXT H440 is a beautiful case, and its got plenty of room for all the parts in the build, and then some. It's gotten great reviews for its build quality, because it's not a cheap plastic fiddly with some cheap LED lights that you can put on yourself for like $10 and a Youtube tutorial, and the window is that good good kind. The GTX 970 card is around $350 (you can poke through the 970s on pcpartpicker and find one). At the moment, its the best card for what you get in terms of power + price. It's got probably triple the power of the 730 (if not more), and is more efficient, etc.

    Highly recommend this, it'll run all the stuff you want, gg days of slow load. 10/10
    Do you still need help with building a Desktop PC/finding parts? Just finished going over a build rig with a buddy of mine that's more tech savvy than I am, can recommend stuff if you still need.
    Why thank you, Noel. ;D

    How's Noel been lately? Still writing? Busy with school? Do you get Easter break?

    Yes, I actually have! Summer Wars was one of my favorite movies ever shown on Toonami. I suppose in a way it's quite similar to Digimon. I really liked the card fight the most, but also how much the grandmother meant to the whole family to push onward to save everyone. You're welcome, and it's true! Haha, so I've seen. xD I look forward to seeing how We Were Loyal turns out, once it's been improved on with some help from Annoyance, and oh my gosh, it's 2000 words in it alone? :O Abstract art can be quite beautiful, depending on how it's done. Hmm, does that mean you prefer doing abstract types of art instead of something more traditional? *doesn't know much about art* Ah well, I think the dream of working at Amazon has sailed away, since I've gone back to the drawing boards of what I want to do in life. But thank you for not laughing, Noel.

    There's such a thing as crescent incense? xD Aw, you're so sweet to pray for me. <3 Speaking of a love life, did you ever choose your girl? (Kind of feel like I'm prying, but I do hope whatever decision you made awhile back went well.)

    I haven't had many gluten free food in my life and don't intend to do so until I'm like in my 50-60's. But I believe you there on your burrito. :c I'm actually doing what I can off of youtube in terms of kickboxing, since I don't really go to a gym, but I've found other workouts that work for me lately. But I really think that's cool you have a Sensei that taught you those things, because I wish I were more skilled in controlling my temper to say the least and I'm not that good in terms of de-escalating an argument... then again, I hardly argue, so it's not something I'm entirely worried about in life. xD I'll keep that in mind, if I choose to find a Martial Arts Instructor in the future.
    So yeah, the website's been broken all day. With any luck I'll be able to get it to you sometime tomorrow, but I dunno man you might have to wait! XD
    Thanks, it was probably a month ago when it happened. My posting pace has been slowed due to things going around me but I'm making the best as possible to connect with everyone.
    Cool beans. I'll PM you the code when the website decides to start working again.
    Oh, but first I should tell you the download takes about 6,000 blocks. You should have that much, depending on your SD card, but I wanted to make sure you knew first.
    Hey dude, do you still have a working 3DS? The reason I ask is because I made Platinum on Club Nintendo, but all the games they offer I either already own or am not interested. So I was thinking of getting the download code for Animal Crossing and giving it to you so Max, KK, myself, and you can finally get together sometime in the future. If you already have AC, you can just pick one of the other rewards to download since I don't want any of them.

    Also whoops I thought I responded, but yeah I checked out your site! Kinda makes me want to get my own, haha!
    Pretty much. There's two CDs. The Red one has 36 songs from the 3DS version while the Blue one has 36 songs from the Wii U version, so I think that's nearly all of them.
    I've been alright. Kinda busy with class and work, but I can't really complain. My Club Nintendo reward for buying both versions of Super Smash Bros 4 just came in, so I'm having a listen to the CD while ripping it to my computer. Pretty chill right now.
    that could be cool. Don't worry about adding Remembrance or anything to it yet. I'm not sure how I want to go about it just yet.
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