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  • Haha, but it's true, though. This is one of only a handful of moments that I can remember the roleplaying community being rather united.
    Hey Noel, how've you been doing? Awesome Spider-Man avatar btw. C:

    YES SERIOUSLY! Unfortunately, the lady in charge of it had decided to make us pay up front for nine weeks of kickboxing. So, I'll have to pay $80 bucks for the classes. Whoa, you took Karate! :O What color belt are you? Hope so, since I'd love to get fit again. I just need to quit drinking all the soda/pop in order to see better results though. Well, its still cool you got to be employee of the month though. I bet your muscles are badass and hot after pounding all that dough so much. (Sorry, sounds like innundeo, don't it? lol. xD) Or at least nicely toned. I want toned arms.

    Well, the game is the same except the dungeons are much harder and freaking annoying. Like a cow is the switch to open a door in the third temple where you get the ruby sapphire from Princess Ruto. The enemies are more lethal, I guess. I haven't kept playing it to see how much of a difference there is to it to say more on it. I understand if the Zelda games are slow, since its not faced paced and requires doing a lot. Personally, I like Majoras Mask better on the 3DS, since you have to beat it within a time frame and such. xD THERE'S A PROPHECY?! I'VE ONLY PLAYED SOME OF THE FIRST GROWLANSER. AMAZING I'D ACTUALLY MEET SOMEONE WHO'S PLAYED IT OR EVEN HEARD OF IT. :O I don't remember which one I played except for trying to sell it in a garage sale a few years ago. x'D In that case, I think Fire Emblem Awakening has everything you need from the sounds of it. :3 Thanks for telling me more about it though.
    YES, YES I HAVE. It might not be martial arts, but a cardio kickboxing club. Close enough, right? xD So yeah, that is awesome, and it's only $5 bucks too. C: Haha, I totally forgot about Val. It's been ages since we've roleplayed in Persona. </3 Nope, it doesn't start until November 2nd, and it'll be a night time class.
    I'm glad things are looking up for you, and you're doing good. That's so cool you're employee of the month! Does that mean you get a medal, a picture on the wall, or free cupcakes? XD

    If you don't know this already, once you've completed the first round of Ocarina of Time, you'll unlock the Master Quest. Which makes the game a lot more harder to complete, because the dungeons change. (I still haven't beaten the Master Quest myself.) Otherwise, I understand how you feel about it, cause I played it a lot myself. :3 ooh, ALBW is good for a car trip, but I love playing it a lot more, cause it's easier to play. I didn't know you played Growlanser. :O Haha, Fire Emblem is awesome for strategy. I loved playing the GameCube version of it. Does it still have cutscenes and voice acting for it? ouo Well, take your time, and games are meant to be fun, not rushed. xD I'm glad you're enjoying them though!
    You man, remember ages ago we talked about doing a pseudo podcast kinda thing? You still down? I feel like rambling about unimportant bullcrap.
    Ms. Waferbar is doing okay, little down lately but excited for November because, her town is finally going to have a kickboxing class for her to attend to! How's Mr. Crescent been doing? C:

    That's awesome! Which one are you playing first? Ocarina of Time and A Link Between Worlds were my ultimate favorites from your list! I've heard nothing but good things about Fire Emblem Awakening and Super Mario World 3D.
    I'm happy my words could be of some use because, words as they may be, the feelings I put into writing them down were genuine. I'm happy they reached you, Noel. Remember you have friends if the lingering heart break gets to be too much. And to wear that little bit of heart break like a badge of honor because, it shows you fought for something, fought for someone who mattered enough to you to go through it all, and to create a bond with them, regardless of the outcome. Hard to put in words precisely but, never stop because, touching another person's heart should be cherished and valued - instead of thrown away or soured. What you're doing is a huge step that most people can't do, and you're braver than them all for it, and for wishing the happiness of others. You're quite selfless too. If I could, I'd give you a huge hug cause you deserve one. <3 (I hope what I said makes sense. If not, terribly sorry. The later it gets the harder it is to write things down. xD)

    And I could say the same, Noel. It's a pleasure of being your friend, and getting to know a cool, romantic, and charming man such as yourself. Hehe, guilty as charged when it comes to sleep. I had to make a post in CLASSIC since, I dislike making people wait on my account and I get fidgety if I don't get things done. Of course, I know CD and Max don't mind me taking my time. xD Thanks for the sweet dreams, Crescent Roll. <3 Goodnight!
    i ain't done doodly damn.

    jk but ill have to catch you up tomorrow. im a weeee bit sleep deprived and if tried to actually make points ill probably not make sense. grammar.
    I really wish I could stay up later, Noel, because I love talking to you, and it's been really good getting to hear how you've been! But I really need my sleep, and staying up hasn't been leaving me with pleasant dreams lately. >u< But if you're on tomorrow, or even leave a message for me, I'll definitely respond to it! ('u')/ And with that said, I'll talk to you later! Goodnight, Noel!
    Maybe your luck will turn around for you soon? Life is full of possibilities after all. I know plenty of bad timing, except for different circumstances. In any case, I do hope your luck turns around. If I could, I'd give you some of my luck, because I'm sure you could use it more than I do. Missed you too, Noel. Haha, course I would cause you're one of my favorite people to talk to, and I care that you're alive and well! =D <3 Smart to take a year off, so you wouldn't feel pressured, and could get some experience in the field of work. C: That's good you got good hours. I hope you get hired to work at target then!

    That would be epic in all sorts of portions. If only I had those moose a little while ago. Thankfully, those trolls are long gone until they appear again. :3 But thank you for saying so! Means a lot to hear ya say that! Sure, I wouldn't mind talking to you outside of the forums as well! I have Skype. I sometimes talk to CD and Max on there, whenever I catch them on, or when I'm not talking to my bf. I don't have a phone, so mobile is out of the question for me tho. There is KHI chatroom too. I'm usually on it till a certain time unless I get pulled away. If either of these are an option, let me know, kay? C: Then don't worry so much bout graphic tags, and make whatever makes you happy! So don't sweat it any, since doing what you love or like shouldn't be work, you know? It sounds cool that you've been working on different stuff since the last time we talked too!
    Sorry to hear you didn't get the girl. However, more power to you for coming out of that with a smile and being okay with that! C: You're awesome, Noel! <3 Well, whenever things get down and such, I'm always there to lend an ear! Anything else going on with Noel? Do you get breaks or vacations from school/work?

    Yup, keeping busy a lot. Then there's the trolls too. You were lucky to miss all the bad members on the forums last month, and a week or so ago. And Forum Insanity has picked up a lot with a bunch of random stuff going on in it too. lol. Also been visiting the library too. Of course! I'll make time for you! <3 =D ooh, a shop to use your graphics to wear around the forum and such would be cool. Genius idea, really! And definitely easier, because then you don't have to worry bout making it to a persons liking and no deadlines.
    OH MY GOD. IS THIS REAL? YOU HERE, NOEL? :eek: I MISSED YOU, CRESCENT ROLL! <333 It's okay! I knew you were busy with school and work-k- wait WHAT?! DID YOU GET A GIRL! =D Not working too hard, are you? It's a great surprise to hear from you after so long! And don't worry bout it. I was scarcely on lately myself!

    I'm good, going to see my bf and go on a mini vacation this weekend. I took a test for college, haven't decided on a major, and hopefully attending in the fall. I still rp with CD and Max, reading tons of books, watching anime, goofing around, or doing mod related stuff. I did go swimming once this year, which I never thought I'd do, and uh, not much has frankly happened with me. I did have to close your shop, because people kept requesting stuff when you weren't here. (Hope you don't mind, and if you need me to reopen it, it's easy for me to do too.) GOSH, IT SO GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK!
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