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  • Yep, and I'll try to remember it. :D

    Funny thing is that I'm rereading inFamous: The Beginning of Tyranny to get all caught up.. I have forgotten how much I enjoyed writing it.
    I think I did one back in High School, but it was just for fun, although I did enjoyed it. (It was about Spider-Man, so it was simple enough at the time)

    So, where did you get the idea for Espirits? I'm just curious.
    Again, that's true. x3

    You mean like what CD's doing with CLASSIC? I have thought about it from time to time.

    The thing is, I completely forgot about it and by the time I do remember it, I forgot what it was about. xD I still keep the rest safe in Words. But I don't think I feel like updating it because it would be somewhere like 6 months ago here on the forums, so.
    ..... Why? D: But just to humor you: Flour. xD

    Anyway... I didn't do much as I should have done today, so I guess I'm still here for the reminder of the night.
    That's cool and that's even more awesome that you made your own tortilla chips! :D Um, I'm not exactly sure.. I mean, I haven't had them before so I don't know how to answer that one.
    I take it you're a fan of 'No Game, No Life' too? I hope we get a second season of it, because I liked it a lot myself. *u* And that wouldn't happen to be a badge in your signature, is it? =3 It looks marvelous, and it's something I tend to stare at, whenever I see you post around anywhere! How's Mr. Crescent been doing lately? Excited about Spider Man becoming an official member of the Avengers this year? Anything new with you?

    Is sleeping on a hammock hard at all? :3 It's cool to hear you might be staying with your aunt, uncle and cousins, once you start college! Mmm, peanut butter cookies are alright. Chocolate chip ones are the best overall, if I had to say anything more about it. xD Being optimistic is a good thing though, since it means you're happy and thoughtful about what's to come in the future. I still say it's impressive you want to build your own laptop/computer. I know next to nothing about computers or how to engineer one.
    Did we even discussed that because I don't remember it at all? :/

    I might have just forgot it since then. xD
    Oh, yeah; her. xD

    It's your basic RP with superpowers like inFamous game series, but kind of original. I think you might have seen me mentioning it on my VMs to others about it.

    I can't remember her name, but I did remember the others. xD

    I did! Like I said, I wouldn't be surprised.

    No, I haven't and I don't think I will join up that kind of RP since I got my own to deal with and the planning of another one. :3
    Or maybe you simply forgot about it. xD *pokes you in the stomach playfully*

    Yeah, that's true.. You should check out Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow; it kinda of gives you an idea how Stark handled the future Avengers.

    Well, he's like Stark only smarter. xD I wouldn't be surprised if Harley joined up for the Young Avengers as Iron Lad/Kid.
    Well, you're not far off on that. Robert Downery, Jr. has been saying that on a more philology level because back then he doesn't like the government very much, but I believe in Age of Ultron that some things will happen for him to have a very changed thoughts on how to ensure that people doesn't get hurt, you know?

    I don't think so.. Unless you're asking about that one time thing that James Rhodes took over the suit for a time being, I'd think they'd make sure Downery will be a part of it, even if it's limited.

    Awesome! :D Of course, I haven't read any of the comics in months due to me being busy overall.
    I know, right? I think Andrew Garfied was the best Spidey in that brief time.. It'd be hard to top that, but Marvel will do what they can. ^_^

    Actually, I had read that. Hm.. At least they won't kill Uncle Ben for the hundredth time! Probably likely use Peter Parker since he's the staple of comics continuity for over 50 years, I think. Plus he might be part of Captain America: Civil War, so there's that.
    xD Everybody is wanting to do that... Somehow, I have this feeling there will be tons of videos of that when the new Type-0 HD comes out with the demo. xD

    I'll try. <3 But no promise on that one, okay? I don't wanna let you down.

    Yep, sounds like it. Oh, did you know Spidey is back with Marvel... sort of? Spidey will make his debut within the MCU whenever that is, but Sony will have the final say in it, creative thoughts.. I'm hoping they'll be the kid that does nothing but sign his name so it's there. Marvel will handle him with the best way possible as they did with Iron-Man, Hulk, Thor, and Cap... Even Guardians of the Galaxy as well. :D
    Okay, thanks. ^^

    It truly felt like you were watching a movie yet you're playing it as a game, right? It's so going to be awesome! :D Ooh, FF15 is what I'm looking forward to since I haven't really played any of the FF games, so that will be something new of me to do. ^_^

    Hah, I'm currently using Traverse Town for my character, Alex, as of now. Whenever those two girls get done with their post, I'll post mine with some snarky stuff, so that's something. I might just use your name for a town or character down the road. ;D

    Thank you. :) And yes, you're right: while he may be gone, the memories of everything he did will still be alive in a sense. ^_^
    True, true.. Of course, you never know. I suppose it's best to let the police handle it... *is totally flippant when it comes to them* I mean, there may be good cops in town, of course, but there are too many of a bad apples in the department throughout the country, so. :/ My thoughts on that, heh.

    I see, I see! So, is it all right to put you on the inactive list until then?

    I have been good lately; Just kinda watching Persona 4 videos to pass the time away. I have been thinking about picking up The Order: 1886 on Friday, but with the things going on around, I haven't decided yet. ^_^ As for Kingdom Spirits, it's going pretty good.. I also have decided to borrow famous names from Kingdom Hearts series as to kind of add some flavor to it, so to speak. xD

    Um... what else..? Right.. :/ Last week, my pastor died and we buried him that Saturday. I'll miss him terribly, but I think my brother is taking it hard than I because those two always talked to each other for many hours while I didn't mainly because of my deafness and his lack of signing skills, so. The thing is that police think it was just an accident, but I don't think so.
    See, I went to the scene where he died, and what did I find there? Dry blood and skid marks! Now, to me that indicted he was the victim of a hit-and-run/murder. I couldn't understand why anyone would want to hurt my pastor, but then again there is one person I do know that would go for anything but I'd rather keep it to myself until I'm sure, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt for you to know it: it's my ex-father. Long story short, he's an idiot with a temper. :/
    Hey, Noel! :D

    How are you doing? I just wanted to check on you and see what you were up to. And beside that, I'm curious if you're still interested in staying with the Kingdom Spirits RP, considering that it has been contained to me, Eternal Dream, Skitty Cat, KingdomKeyLight, and Selphy as of now. Shirna and someone else hasn't posted in months including you.

    I just need to know before I put the others in the inactive list.. Otherwise, it wouldn't seem right to leave it there without others posting beside the constant people.
    Your avatar <3333 (Also yes hello nice to meet you new friend!)
    And thank you for the tip, I'm just now beginning to be active on this forum. It's been foreeeeeever.
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