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  • Two other things I forgot to mention. I think the text might look better if it's all on the blade instead of the hilt, and that the size I used for that was 400x200. Dunno if you wanna mess with the sizes or if you think that's aight.
    I don't mind that so much, that's just some stock stuff I found so it's all good. I'll look forward to it! And haha, don't worry. I don't plan to get too into this type of stuff, though I would like to be able to at least be able to do my own tags for the expansions instead of having to rely heavily on you. :p
    The more I thought about it, the more I came to the conclusion that I wanted something super simple for it. Like a logo (though nothing comes to mind at the moment for a logo, besides the name and maybe a crystal shard in the shape of a diamond) that can be placed on the other expansions' tags (Scaled down or something). I've thought about doing one myself, just to get a feel for it as well, but we'll see how that goes since the last time I dipped into this kind of thing was high school. For the CLASSIC logo itself, I've decided on something waay more simpler. I'm not sure on the coloring scheme yet, but I've made a quick mock up with GIMP and an image I found on the web and oh god its awful can I burn it pls.

    Obviously this is far from finished (sword jaggies lol) and would never let myself say it's completed, but that's basically the gist of what I'm thinking about. Not sure about the black background (transparent mite b cool, so could a 'chill' color that isn't too loud), but I was thinking the color of the font should be a semi-golden color. I was also thinking the sword itself to be a broadsword, but an obviously much better one than the one I found here. The font itself is "Triforce," but the one on that same link called "Ravenna" looks like it would look nice as well. I'm thinking something similar to that for fonts, anyway.
    Of course, I'm the newbie here so anything you want to let me know about is all fair game.
    Did I watch it? Dude, I practically own it on VHS! :D So, it's something similar to that, huh?

    If I have the time and with luck to find it, I'll try to watch it. ^__^
    Hah let me know later then.

    Yeah it's just more easier to scribble over everything physically and shift stuff around.
    John Noble is his name and his character is Henry Parrish. Yeah, he died like two weeks ago on the show.

    Summer War? I've never heard of it; Can you tell me about it?
    I'll make a business card. :D

    I've used google docs previously, but I'm far more able to find mistakes when I have it on a page and a pen, then I type up my notes and general rants and whatever in docs or in a post on the forum. I'm able to edit electronically, I'm just very picky and feel things get missed when I don't have my initial look at it. My second run through describing my notes allows me to find more as well, so I technically read everything about three times or more.
    pSSSSHHHHH I don't mind at all, I wanna be an editor some day, and this is my first project since my long ass break.

    And sure, that would be fine. I just hope you continue to work on the future chapters as time goes on too, instead of going over the stuff you've put out already continuously. As long as you keep spitting out new chapters as well I'm cool with it. Besides I need to get a working printer as I said and I don't feel like chugging over to the library atm. WAY too cold!
    You got to see it; Sleepy Hollow is the most wonderful series to enjoy on Mondays! :D

    Oh, oh! I was able to get Big Hero 6 and watched it. It was very funny yet enjoyable to see it again for the second time. :)
    I talked a bit more on We Were Loyal. I really do want to edit it fully if I can, I may print out all the parts you have, if I manage to get my hands on a working printer, but I brought up points I feel are really important for now. It's more difficult for me to edit electronically without written notes.
    Ah, I just haven't really seen it been done and it's kind of a strange word to decide to spell differently so I was just confused. Do what you want I suppose.
    I used to use Crunchyroll; except I couldn't stand the 2 minute advertisements. Therefore, I had to find a new place to watch anime. It's cool that you can watch lots of anime on it for free. Yup the word play was phenomenal and all the steps they thought of. I'm sure you'll think up all of the steps, because you're really smart and your writing is amazing! =D Yes, yes you are talented! You're just being modest, and drawing takes time to master in all the styles you want to make your art in. Abstracts are something I can't draw, since I don't like doodling. For a career, I haven't really figured it out quite yet. But if you promise not to laugh, I'd like to work at Amazon.

    Nope, my love life isn't complicated at all thankfully. :3

    Wow, you must've of been starving! I imagine it would be, because of how much you like them. Yes, it means there's no fat or protein in it. Some people eat gluten free products to stay slim. I suppose so. xD I'm not sure if I'm full on pacifist, since I do have an active imagination and I'd really, REALLY like to take up kick boxing someday. Also thank you for the compliments on the way I wrote Val.
    It went pretty well. I was able to catch up on my persona 4 videos and even enjoyed Sleepy Hollow (TV series) tonight. ^_^ Tomorrow is the day I will get Big Hero 6 on Blu-Ray! :D I'm excited to see it because Kat told me good things about it from other people that has seen it, so that's good.
    xD I'm no goof..!

    And no, I haven't. So, that's great you have that to help you out writing stories like We Were Loyal. ^_^
    I already learned my lesson from playing too much PS2 while growing up.. I'm wearing glasses, actually. So, I'm certainly being careful this time. ^_^

    Just don't make it too convoluted like Kingdom Hearts is. xD That would be too much of a mess to clean up. xD
    HP Tablet. ^_^ My brother needed one for college so he got me one as well. It's pretty good for during bedtime before going to sleep; I'm on my laptop for daily usage, so.

    As for your newest update to We Were Loyal, it was beautifully done! :D I could feel myself getting invested in this when Sven went through an bunch of soldiers on a freaking train! :D Honestly, you got yourself a new fan to this new story you have crafted. :)
    Last night? o_O I went to bed, so I must had missed it on my tablet. I'll check it out as soon as I can! :)

    Maybe so.
    You bought it? Oh my gosh, that's totally flipping awesome! I can totally see why you'd like that arc a lot. =D I loved the battle they had with the librarian and were able to think so many steps ahead! Oh my! That's terrific it's the emblem for Sol' Alto City! *u* I love seeing stuff like that, because it makes me want to read your story even more. Also, you're incredibly talented as a graphic artist. I wish I knew how to make stuff like you and everybody else does. You took a Marine Bio class? That's really cool! Still that's amazing how your hand drawn cross became something so much more! That's kind of a shame, if they don't use Andrew Garfield. I liked him a lot; even though I haven't watched either Amazing Spiderman movies. One can always hope they'll give it the justice peter parker deserves. I'm glad school Is going good and everything's been balanced for you thus far.

    Ah, come now. If you need help or someone to talk to about girl troubles, I'll do my best to lend you advice. And you don't have to worry about it being a sappy school drama, cause it's life and everybody has girl issues at some point in there lives. [Heck, I had guy issues way back among other problems.] I'm doing better. I appreciate it a lot that you helped me out, when I was in a dark place over the weekend too. Preparing for classes is still... both pressuring and frightening, but one foot in front of the other, you know. But thank you for the good vibes! I shall give you tons of good vibes back and then some! *u*/

    Girl Scout cookies. I haven't had those in ages. The thin mint ones are awesome. I'd eat a case full, if I could. Haha, did you eat too many cookies at one time? xD I understand what you mean. Can't be happy all the time, cause life would be too easy without some obstacle or pain in the way. However letting things go and feeling right, sounds way better. Strangely enough, I was told that my family is pacifists. I don't know if I fully agree on that. xD I imagine being in a hammock would be cold in the winter. Mm, I couldn't sleep in one, cause I toss and turn too much in my sleep; plus I'd probably get motion sick from rocking back and forth in one too.

    Perhaps it's not, when you put it that way. Maybe I should try to gain some motor skills over the summer... thoughts to chew on at a later time for Ms. Wafer Bar.
    It is. <3

    I may just pick it up once I figure out how to get back to the swings of thing..
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