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  • I wish you a early Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, Rob!

    How do you like FFXV? And how are you? (Many apologies for not replying in a long while.)

    I know it's been a month since we last talked, but how'd finding out about driving and college go? (If it's okay to ask? I'll understand either way.) Anyways, I hope moving to a different department worked out for you. And that things have gotten a bit better, or you're able to escape some part of the Bermuda Triangle.

    Otherwise, thank you for understanding about the Pokémon. xD Oh my, so that's why you're able to get so many pokemon codes. :O
    I know the feeling. Sometimes you got to give in to the things you want. I'm doing the same, since I'm too impatient for it on the PS4. So I'll play it on the Xbox One. I hope you have time to play it too! :)

    [Will get to your other vm soon!]
    Just want to pop in and say Happy Belated Birthday!

    I hope it was a good one because, you're a really cool guy, and I know we haven't ever really talked to each other much, but it's always nice to see you around the forum, or hear your thoughts on things. Plus, you giving away pokemon codes is really nice of you too. I hope you're doing good btw! And that your birthday wishes came true! C:

    And a small explanation about the pokemon codes: I never asked Mite to ask you for them. That's all Mite's doing, cause I don't really uh, seek out codes and all that jazz. so I'm happy with or without them. lol. xD
    It's pretty boring so far! I should probably post some artwork tonight. I am currently working on one for Titantic, well mainly Pokemon-themed.
    Lol true! I also saw the new trailer for the anime of Sun and Moon and why did they mess up Ash? I posted in the Pokémon thread.
    I've been thinking about getting into voice acting. I don't know if I have what it takes. From what I gathered, there is a class here that focuses on it, but it's pretty pricey just like the equipment. I am on SSI and currently looking for a job. I don't know if it's worth going forward with.
    Hi Rob,

    Nope, I was actually able to get enough Darkrai codes this time around. My Gamestop actually got enough in to give more than one. But thanks for asking!
    Yeah I own 8, I started it for a bit but I didn't get far. I enjoyed it though but was a little too young to get into it I think. I got 7 on the PS4 store so I need to go through that, I already played CC and all but not the original. And I also own the 10 remaster but haven't started that either haha, I'm waiting to pick it up on PS4.
    Well my order didn't go through >=(

    Bastards. But yeah I love XIII, granted it was officially the first of the mainline games I played but still
    I cringed too, but it's a birthday gift to myself. And waiting the full ten years, it was go big or go home.
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