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  • In case it were ever in question that you were more awesome than me, your new avie and signature make it irrefutable.
    lmao ahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaahahah! X'D actually her laughing to makes it even better! you mad? rofl

    ~:cool:~ its a flow brah whether it be water or ideas if you stop you drown and are lost~ (oh yeah totoally (not) deep moment right there)

    [IMG]so your even making them now? lawl your lost to the section ahahahah
    youa ctually went to someone you dont know and asked that!? trololololololololololololololollolololololololol

    people who stop going with the flow drown~ o3o

    as do i....every night this week!

    been better. how bout you?
    Good point. Your welcome Muramasa. Thanks, your kind of different ;3 in a amusing kind of way. If you say so. Have fun talking to Gram, bet he's confusing you a lot, hm? >XD

    Btw just call me KK. No need for Miss.
    Amelia: Sounded that way to me.

    For the template I just kept checking the wiki. So troublesome. It's much easier to make something when you're familiar with the canon to build around.

    It's okay, it was a long time ago. I'll never forget poor Fate, always feeding him pretzels and stuff and playing around with him when I was small.

    And now it's all gone. It went down the tubes because others planned my activities for me, but it turned out pretty fun. Oh, a picture for Lan that I really really need to hurry up and finish because I'm taking forever on it.

    Hi, Muramasa! So did you guys decide what to do about the RP, then?

    And I will reply to you more quickly from now on. New? I've been playing with GIMP recently, made my first avatar. How about you?
    i dunno why! you ask it every time!
    not saiyan~

    >.> when you said cops that lost a 3rd of my interest.

    if you dont get that reference then you sir are fail.

    ~*3*~ good boy.

    well to throw one idea out... not sure if it would work but there is this book called Epic that is a bit lacking on the authors part but the idea is great. Also on a side note the author hosted the first ever official live role play.

    The idea is this: earth has been destroyed by violence so people were sent to a planet in a half frozen state (it doesn't give much detail on this part). While frozen they played a rpg like game that they seemed to actually be in and the world actual evolved and changed with the players. When they landed they decided to use the game as their legal and economic system.

    I can explain more if you like it but as I'm typing this I realize it might be hard to pull off.
    okay!...and i just want you to know, when i said i had an ideal...i meant just the concept of an isald rpg..
    we would need their permission. doing that with out their permission is basically suicide in the rp section...
    Let me guess, Gram told you that? >;3 I just happened to be the lucky one to claim it, I suppose. We're a lot alike. I and Gram. So that's about all there is to it. Why so curious anyhow?

    Nice to meet you btw.
    you'll have to ask her that one~ yes that makes 13 years. just went with the flow :cool:
    nah if i was a zombie kk wouldnt talk to me 030

    course i am. whats fringe?

    all you need to know is my power

    psssh thats cause you tryin to understand my flow man!

    i am mornings are hell on me no matter how much sleep i get -_-

    as did i and i had the freakin guide!

    nope kk somehow came into its possession. i dunno man i just dunno last i seen it i was 7 and heading to school.

    well he's old didnt figure there was a show he'd still be on for you to see~

    *sigh alright the people you wish to know bout are quickly erases yer memory but thats all im saiyan.

    dont keep up just go with its flow~

    xD not sure myself, i've always been able to stay up real late.

    the water temple is a hellish thing in any zelda game ;_; not sure why either.
    xD to be fair she's never done it from above in the human world.
    dont know bout wit my mind wandered and never came back. aint got no nerve tho~

    you actually know a show? o,0
    yes :cool: classified *gets out MIB memory thingy*

    why thank you~

    anything is simple if you understand it~
    yes go along with my flow ~030~

    psssh light weight yesterday i was up since 7am and didnt go to sleep til 3am~

    nope its a remake there will be no differences however the 3ds' touch screen made it much less annoying since i could keep my iron boots and hookshot mapped to touch screen buttons ;o; its like a godsend.
    xD i liked ichigo's face in that panel, he's all "da fuk?"
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