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  • Okay at first, my thought was that it could be hard to pull off but it's do-able! And I think Miss Luna would agree about it too.

    It actually reminds me a bit of theHinger games. So yeah tell me more if you don't mind?
    Hello there, I'm Muramasa, you can call me King or Masa for short. It's nice to meet you.

    So like I said earlier, what kind of RP would you like to be in? I mean of course we'll make it last as long as possible, but we need ideas thrown at us. What kind games do you like btw? Thinking of doing a canon RP.
    I'm not seeing any issue with your posts, those that haven't been deleted all appear to still be approved.
    Approved your posts, but because there was so many and they were all repeats I deleted most of them. Also, for the sake of neatness, you might want to take your Mar arms out of the table configuration, since it squashes it all up as viewed by some people.
    I'm glad you're having fun here! Yup, I guess we're kind of like classmates, then. Same teacher, after all. I've only been in one RP to date, as well, but I'm joining some others now. :3
    Hi! How are you enjoying KHI? Did you get your problem fixed? :3

    Also, did you notice? We're under than same mentor in RP Academy.
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