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  • Thank you muchly sir, i shall inform you upon its completion. Also, is there any place, in particular, you would like me to put it?
    Then we'll just convert it to 1.2, no? And didn't we have 1 or 2 episodes still not released or something?
    GAH no. I need to but I wanna reread the series firssstt. I probably will sometime next month.
    Well, whatever that means, at least you're looking into stuff. I guess I'll just check up on the place every once in a while. Good luck with it!
    Is it true that you have something to do with mc.dragon.li?

    Just a heads-up, it looks like the warps are broken, maybe. Solar directed me to it, since I just got an account, and I couldn't help but notice that every time I tried to warp, I was greated by the message "An internal error occured while attempting to perform this command". I don't know who it was, but someone else was on, and they said that they were getting the same thing. I don't know what's going on, and if I'm doing something pointless and n00bish, that's probably because I am a total n00b. But, whatever, I guess...
    hey there, sorry about the suddenness it's CARNEDU, one of the peeps one the KHI server, i PM'd you about my business
    Oh I just wanted to make sure you were still alive lol.
    When are we going to do another let's play? Also did you see my house?
    The whole? Kyurem came from a metor, it's an alien to the world of pokemon(Though there's been rumors that all pokemon are foreign to the planet they inhabit). Secondly, Reshiram and Zekrom are the two halfs that make the whole. They're like Vanitas and Ventus, only they were seperated because the original dragon was torn between which hero to follow.

    Still, Kyurem represents the absence of Yin and Yang, so in a sense it's a nobody, these form indicate that it may want one of the dragons to feel whole, which is where that sense from. Also, I think it's remotely possible that Kyurem will become either way due to using one of the dragon stones. Like how SHaymin would use the Gracidea Flower to turn into it's sky form. It'd make sense, but if these are anything like how G/S/C were it would make you wonder how Zekrom and Reshiram went back into slumber ... Coarse, there is always the possibility this takes place many, many years later on. I doubt it would be a prequel, because they're called Whte2/Black2.

    That also makes me wonder ... Are we going to already get new starters 0.o? No, it's too soon ... Right 0.o? Maybe new trainers at best, but I'm not gonna lie, these new forms look amazing, I 'bout had a heart attack when I saw them (Or at least when I got a close look). In a way it's kinda like the shock that Numora has been giving us for a while.

    What do think about all this :/?
    Luap, you'll never guess O_O Serebii.net - Where Legends Come To Life Kyurem's forms look like it's half ... O_O
    i dont have preference either way
    id just need to be 'trained' to use all the functions if they're not simply immediately obvious
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