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  • I can say with certainty that the game is much harder than the demo. The demo was made with simplicity in mind so people can play it though fast. The game also offers replay of bosses at a harder level so there will definitely be a bit of challenge in the game.

    You also don't start off with the commands the demo gives you.
    So just for the hell of it let's name the order of Gym Leaders we think we'll fight in Bl2/Wh2 will be. The confirmed Gym Leaders are:

    Homika(Poison and new), Shizui(Water and New), Cheren(Normal, taking over Lenora's place for some, yet explained reason), Elesa(Electric, reprising her role as gym leader), Skyla(Flying, Repring her role as gym leader), Clay(Ground, reprising his role), Drayden(Reprising his role ... Just supposably also for Wh2 >.>), and Burgh(Bug, Reprising his role).

    My prediction(First 2 are official)Cheren, Homika, Shizui, Skyla, Clay, Elesa, Burgh, and Drayden.

    What's your perdiction, L :)?
    well it did
    for like two mins then it shut down
    i was gonna tell you that but it shut down before I could
    I swear, some corporate higher-up is sitting in his office, chuckling and watching because his minions were ordered to prevent us from playing together, however possible.
    Considering everything ... That is shocking :d

    Edit: ... Kinda awkward Giovanni hasn't aged in 9-13 years ... Huh?
    HG/SS: Giovanni's fate..? - Page 3 - The Pok?Community Forums < Read the one by Roboto-Kun. Then tell me, DO YOU THINK GIOVANNI COMMITED SUICIDE?!
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