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    You're welcome.And i look forward to reading the rewrite.
    Hey i was reading your story the another side 1 not the chornicles and it's the orignal.I just wanted to tell you the story is pretty good
    I know that he existed but how can you say that there is no denying what he did then go to say i have to decide for myself.
    Dude he may have existed, he MAY have been the son of God then again maybe not there is no proof of THAT. which is all i'm saying.
    'Well, if you have read History books you'd know that Jesus, was in fact, a real person, and people did witness him do amazing things that no other man could do, including being resurrected from the dead. So, unless everything Jesus did was somehow staged over his whole life, then he was who he said he was. And if Jesus is who he said he was then I'm pretty sure the Bible is real too because it is what tells about him.'
    i don't know if you'll go back on that thread so i'll just respond to you here okay?
    1) there is absolutely no proof that Jesus existed. i'm NOT saying that he didn't i'm just telling you that you can't say that its in the history books because it isn't. I'm just reading over your first statement and NO there isn't a history book that says that jesus resurrected from the dead not one.
    2)History books MIGHT say that there was somone named Jesus but none of them say that he was literally the son of god that is what RELIGOUS text say.
    3)umm the bible wasn't written by Jesus....or God.

    Lastly i want to say that i'm not at all saying that he didn't exist or that anything that he did was a lie. all i'm saying is you can't go around acting as though it is proven to be true that it is DEFINITELY true. I'm not a christian but i respect the religion and i dont think that Jesus was FAKE i'm just saying that it isn't proven to be true so you cannot claim it to be so.
    When Nomura talked about KH3D when he was at E3 he talked about Re:coded and said it would have a secret ending which would relate to KH3D.
    The only way BBS Secret Ending might relate to it is if the data Ansem put in Sora plays a part in KH3D, but that data was also related to Coded.
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