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  • Hello,
    Awesome profile picture by the way, Bolin is my favorite! :) I was wondering if you mind telling me where you got the picture in your signature for the 3DS friend code? It's very nifty and I would like to get mine too. :) Thank you for your time!
    lol maybe i was that one user

    yeah a lot of people i've been waiting to see, i don't think i will so it is kind of weird but probably for a good reason.
    hey marco (hope to god i didn't get your name wrong), how's it hanging? been MIA thanks to a flood last year that left my family without a house, let alone internet so i'm just glad to be back.
    Hey just to let you know I responded to your questions regarding The Walking Dead game. I love discussing this series so if you want take a look.
    The fact that you got online and started posting scares the shit out of me haha. I have no doubt that you can catch up in no time.
    nah its cool. we can't choose what cards we're dealt, we just gotta go all in or fold.

    these new names are hella funny. look at trey he would have been elite among the 10,000 group if he was still here.
    i have no idea. it just happened.

    congrats dude, i have no idea what prom even IS (jk i know i'm just homeschooled)
    the six character names meet

    yeah, its less cluttered and was a long time coming.

    not much, just sitting here, browsing khi, waiting for some albums to come out june 18th. how about you?
    I agree. I read everything except non-fiction because unfortunately every one I've tried to read just bores me to tears. Have you ever tried writing other stuff then?
    Ugh those are like the best kind cause you have fun writing and reading them SO GOOD FOR YOU :)
    What kind of stories do you write?

    Yeah I'll be on a bunch more now so definitely! Night :)
    If you have any friends you know that are going to the dorms you could always request them to be your roommate. That's what me and my friend are going to do so that we don't get stuck with some crazy person.

    That's a great choice though, you should always do something that you're passionate about.

    Yep, and did it.
    Yeah plus you'll have lots of freedom too which I bet will be nice, I'm excited for you! Gosh, plus you have the whole summer to get ready! Do you have any idea about what you're going to want to major in? :)

    Yesssssssssss. Le's do it.
    Ugh you're so lucky, getting to be a senior. I can't wait until I can graduate. Are you nervous for college? Or excited? I bet you'll have fun :)

    I'm not surprised. Trey was growing up and if I remember right from the last time, Tito was changing too :( WELL YOU AREN'T NOW CAUSE I'M BACK :)
    Well let's see... school drama, bad decisions, life :/
    and then good decisions, new friends, and I wanted to start showing up here again. It's been such a long time, and now that I look at all the threads again I really missed it :(
    How are you!?
    Don't worry about it too much! Just try to keep it in mind in the future. Luckily, I try to avoid the thread before I watch the episode myself, just in case, but I doubt the same goes for everyone, so we've just gotta be careful. c:
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