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  • I get by. My main squeeze's Season 1's finished. I'm just taking a break here before Season 2 next year.
    XD Now I'm thinking about grabing my cat, some Oreos, and hiding out in a blanket fort with picture books, coloring books, and crayons. Wanna join me?
    Don't I know it... I think I'm ready go back to being in 3rd grade now. XD And that also sounds kind of like adult life
    *flops over from the constant crazyness of school, work, and 0 hours to do just about anything else* Oh, I'm always having fun. XD How about you?
    Just a official statement to everybody who sees I have returned I have officially quite rping not the site, but I am done with the rping scene... mainly cause I suck at it mind set wise XD BUT I WOULD LOVE TO CHAT XD
    That's good to hear. Let me know if you think it needs to be extended, because if so I can shuffle a couple of the second book into that one.
    It's okay, KKL. I understand if you got a lot on your plate. Don't worry about a thing! xD

    I hope you're doing well. =3
    Oh, such amazing reverse despondence and flattery xD and yea bro I get it. People here hated me for being original, all mad because my powers never said, "Me contwol fiya." Like ugh.

    As for similar abilities, its bound t happen to some extent. Its the really unique abilities that when similar seem like rip offs.

    Green wind and purple mist eh?? Can I get more detail?? Dimensions would be a great help as well.
    REM will report the activity to both Ren and Topsy, but I haven't decided when yet. Whether you wait for that, or just show up is up to you my friend :D
    Blaster: *snarls softly before stalking off* XD

    I think so. I just have to ask Skitty on that since Siam is her character. And I've got Blaster fighting just about everyone at one point or another, so yes, their fight it's still on, too.

    And I haven't been ignoring you. It's just that we were at a baby shower earlier today, and I finally got some downtime.
    Okay, will do! *maybe then I can get an answer from you! XD*

    On the serious side, I need to contact Sorapaw again so I know what I'm doing with Aiden.
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