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    Um, really quick though. What about Ren's reaction to the second collector situation? If you'd like identities of them I can send you it in a PM along with the first batch of collectors I asked about.
    Siam: *sneaks away while Rika is distracted by Blaster*

    Edit: Lunar pointed out a typo in chapter 6 for War of the Fey. It's supposed to read "eyes as cold as ice" not "eyes cold as eyes". Just thought I'd let you know about it ahead of time to make it easier for you on editing.
    Blaster: Wrong person, bitch. XD

    Dream: *currently wants several holes drilled in her head to relieve the pressure and stop the sneezing* I hate being sick, especially when it's hitting for the second time in three weeks. -_-;;
    *mock cries only to cheer up* I'll resend it to you.

    Okay, how would he react if a collector attacked another one and it was only because of sheer luck the one that was attacked survived? As for how the attack occurs, I'm not sure what sets it off, but the attacker loses control of one of their stickers/tattoos. The attacker is horrified by what happens when he comes to and the one that is attacked is kinda worse off for wear.

    Note: This is not the same two collectors that I asked about before.

    I'm still waiting on the last two chapters I sent you. Don't want to overwhelm my editor! XD

    Okay, good to know. Although no, it won't become a trend. Can I ask another question involving how Ren would react to something?

    It's coming along, working on chapter 9.

    Hm, basic skinny is the killer doesn't like the way the victim is treating a fellow collector, and when the killer confronts the victim and gets overpowered by the victim with a minor torture session type thing leading to the killer snapping and killing the victim that was doing this stuff.
    Given how life can be and thus ambition at times? I'm wishing you good luck.

    You're welcome. :)

    Also how would Ren feel about one collector killing another?
    *coughs a little bit* Okay enough, the weather's been flipping enough that I'm sick. Otherwise, it's been pretty quiet.

    How about you?
    Solace has always been one of my most time-invested role-plays here on this site, even if I am not the original creator. I dedicated some time to actually writing it as fan fiction, and when I came across that, I didn't really realize just exactly what happened. We knew you escaped, but it didn't really click in terms of what was done, I was kind of blown away re-experiencing that, but rather than argue in the thread we kinda just threw our hands up and said to hell with it. I just thought that was hilarious reading it years later. If you haven't already, you should definitely check out Solace in Night in Fanfiction.

    No need to apologize dude, me and Lumine (at that moment in time) were both equally confused, but it wasn't without a compromise. You ended up dropping the page lol.
    "I know my odds its only a matter of time before I loss if are fight continues, but seeing how I am not here to continue it... did you really think I had thought I could take both of you," Artem said raising his hands with a devilish smile as the Artem in front of them flickered revealing a hologram and a small device right under it. What the two hadn't notice was when Artem unleashed the S Flare he had actually dropped a small device and teleported out of the area behind the magic wall. For the first time probable in there lives they had been tricked by someone who they thought was reckless, but in fact was simple pulling the wool over their eyes.
    Thumb, Thumb

    The sudden noise most likely catching both their attention to to turn around Salforge revealing the real Artem knocking behind the barrier. At this moment every single move after the S Flare was simple a distraction of rogue acting long enough for Artem to place a bunch of daggers around the two fighters, and some around the hallway he was currently in.

    "Hows that for reckless," Artem asked. after a second the sound of a loud buzz could slowly be heard signaling his ride had arrived.

    If only you knew to this day mad this made me and Lumine both. If this isn't the most strangely explained plot devices, I don't know what is. I am actually rewriting this as fan fiction, but I just remembered how pissed I was the first time I read this, and 7 years later, it's all coming back to me in full. Holy shit.
    Okay, I think I've got this segment done for the collab. I just want to let it sit for a bit before I send it to you.
    I think the add ons were good, I'm going to re-read it and then I'll work on a response post so maybe we can see about getting our half of the collab post put up. I just want to shoot off a quick post on Fragments first since I'm in the middle of that one.
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