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    The Aeronaut Society Writers Group

    "We are not what you would call a military branch that upholds the laws of a central power. Nor are we a mercenary group for hire. We are simply a society that aims to protect fellow Wielders from those who would abuse them." ~Marcus Florentine~ Wielders A human who has the unnatural ability...
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    Kingdomkeylights Random Stories

    Lately I have been having a few random story bits nagging at me to be written... and while some of them do have outlets(Like say 1x1 rping) I am finding myself going crazy with a rush of creativity lately that needs to get thrown out there. So without further ado welcome to my random story...
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    Eternity In The Eyes Of Mana

    (Not going to lie been pretty empty a feeling of rping on this site... so I am just going to post this idea up, and see what happens x3) Before the existence of sin... humans were once a part of a different world. A world filled with enchantment, and wonder. Yet at the foolish actions of Adam...
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    How About A Final Fantasy Tactics, or Crystal Bearer Rp?

    You know I have never in all my years of rping every seen someone attempt these particular branches of the Final Fantasy stories in a rp setting I sort of want to try, but only if anyone would be interested in it. Plot idea's are pretty limitless like it could be about those trying to destroy...
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    Megaman Soul: We Stand Alone(A kingdomkeylight FanFiction)

    Ladies, and Gentleman I gladly present to you my first official fanfiction turn in to the lovely site of KHI.... oh who the hell am I kidding I can't do fancy presentations *ahem*. Hey everyone x3 this is a story I started a few years ago I am picking it back up and letting you lovely folks the...
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    The world of Dreams(sign up thread)

    Time for a comeback rp lol. It feels great to be back people lol. This was actually a old idea of mine that was going great until i decided to leave... ya well I' am here to stay for a a good while so lets see some rocking templates lol.... and to all of you who know me I am ready to party XD...
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    Kingdom Hearts: Tales of Those Unknown(Prologue added)

    Here Is the Prologue I promised but it only shows the future of one characters story didn't want to show much lol. Before I even start no kh or Disney characters besides Mickey and maybe an old Keyblade Master will appear in this rp. This is a project formed from characters from my own...
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    The World of Dreams

    "He's most likely going to die no normal human would survive a incident like that," the doctor said not knowing that allen was still somewhat awake. "What happened exactly," a nurse asked. "He saved his little brother from getting hit by a car, really doesnt seem like it was worth it throwing...
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    The World of Dreams(Sign up and OOC thread)

    "What truly happens in a persons final moments of life when they sleep them away. Some say they just sleep others say they have one final dream and then there’s a strange theory that they get a chance to fight for their life and gain one more go at it. But to claim this "chance" they must travel...
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    A world ruled by elements and Cards

    -Quote about Castle Obliviion- "All here in Castle Oblivion are Governed by cards, your friends are no exceptions. Here almost every action can only be executed by a use of a card even magic." -A list of many Elements or abilities man has wished to control- Acid, Air, Fire, Water, Ice...
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    The Ancient Tale of Darkness and Twilight(A Sephiroth2 and Kingdomkeylight rp)

    2 Days Tell Rebirth "Damn it all" the seventeen year old yelled as he tried to warm himself up from the intense cold. His thoughts weren't really on the fact he was freezing but on the fact his whole life sucked big time. Taces looked to the side of the port he was waiting for a friend of his...
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    Stars of Destiny(Chapter Seven is up)

    Deleted for future revamp.
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    Stars of Destiny

    to all thos who had a interest to see where this tale would go it has been moved to the Creative Writing section under the same name.
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    Lifes Destruction Remake(Sign up and OOC)

    "Thoughs of you humans who have survivied the war" "As ruler of all of the world Thatos we the Hartomana are now in charge""But dont worry you will be keeped alive to live as one with use Hartomana as Slaves" "aloud only to stay as simple tribes or small lords of small amounts of land" "But...
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    "Ultimate Life"(Sign-up and OOC thread)(Templates accepted until July 15)

    This is a old rp idea of mine that actually had a good chance the only problem was that I was to busy with other stuff so I want to give it another go. Year 2008 Log.. 28..... We have decided to test run the new HV and BM cells on humans to see what would happen. We made a terrible mistake...