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Recent content by keybladeofhonor

  1. keybladeofhonor

    Marluxia VS Xemnas

    Im back!After getting past the internet problems,I can finaly post a new thread.Now,I know I said I was going to post Xion VS Starfire,but I decided to figure out who is the most elite Org. XIII member instead.So,heres my opinion on who would win between the Graceful Assassin and the...
  2. keybladeofhonor

    Donald VS Cyborg

    This is my opinion of who would win in a battle between Donald Duck and Cyborg. Not much is known about Donald before the events of KHI.He was the King's royal sorcerer,and set off with Goofy to find the keyblade master.He helped Sora defeat Ansem,the Seeker of Darkness,and latter Organization...
  3. keybladeofhonor

    Riku VS Robin

    I was wathing Teen Titans and trying to think of a good match up,when I relized that Robin would be perfect.So,I present the newest VS thread,Riku VS Robin! Riku grew up on the Destiney Islands,and was always trying to reach "the outside world".With the help of Ansem,the Seeker of Darkness,he...
  4. keybladeofhonor

    King Mickey VS Yoda

    I was asked to "branch out",doing battles other than just Kingdom Hearts.While I have some more of these planned,I decided to do my first versus thread that isnt strickly KH.So,I present King Mickey VS Yoda. King Mickey is the founder and ruler of Dinsey Castle.Even before he got his...
  5. keybladeofhonor

    VS threads?

    After writing some versus threads,I was wondering what everyone else thought of them and if there's any changes that should be made.
  6. keybladeofhonor

    Terra, Ventus, or Aqua?

    Story wise,Id have to go with Terra,since the other two were basicly following him and what he did the majority of the game.Character wise,Im going with Ventus.Even though he'd never left his home before,he followed his friends into danger,simply because there was the (at the time) small...
  7. keybladeofhonor

    Sora VS Aqua

    I had a request to do Kairi vs Aqua,but Kairi is only seen using the keyblade once,for basic attacks.So,im doing my third thread:Sora vs Aqua Sora grew up on the Destiney Islands,and whie he helped Riku try to leave the islands,he realy didnt care one way or another.However,once Kairi was...
  8. keybladeofhonor

    Riku VS Terra

    This is my opinion of who would win between Riku and Terra. Riku grew up on the Destiney Islands,but wanted to travel to "the outside world".When he got the chance to leave,he gave into the darkness,being possesed by Xehanort's Heartless.He was freed by Sora,but stayed with the King in the...
  9. keybladeofhonor

    Ventus VS Roxas

    First off,this is my first try,so go easy on me. This is my opinion of you would win between Roxas and Ventus. Roxas was Sora's Nobody,and the 13th member of the Organization.After losing one of his beast friends,and feeling betrayed by the other,he set out to free Kingdom Hearts.However,he was...
  10. keybladeofhonor

    Favorite Organization 13 Member??

    Roxas is still my favorite character,but other than that,it would have to be Axel.from the time he met Roxas and Xion,everything he did was for his friends.he's also a great combatant,being able to hold his own against Marluxia.finaly,he just has the greatest come-backs.