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  • Hmm... Well, would it be that Nihilus is a new person possessed (ish) by Ordias, Ordias taking on Voideus's characteristics because of their bond for so long, or am I totally off base? xD (I really am terrible at guessing most of the time!)
    Umm, Grandsword? Lucien was using compulsion, so he never spoke out loud; and second, no one's suppose to know he was the one behind those thoughts, because he's just another face in the crowd. 'Kay, thanks, bye!
    Ouch, sorry to hear about the ankle. Is it doing any better? As for Umbra? He'd probably be surprise and wondering why he'd dirty his own hands by being there.

    I'm glad you like Umbra though. :)
    It's going pretty good, I've got Umbra's template done; so now I just need to finish up Lia's template. Umbra's template would be two back from the current page on KW.

    How are you doing today?
    You're welcome, and oh dear! *dun dun dunnnnnnn* Well, now I'm really intrigued. I think I can take a guess, but I still can't wait to see what you're cooking up this time :D
    I thought it was really impressive! To be honest, I've been very impressed in general with your posts since you came back into the RP. You've been doing a great job! And the skulls were appropriately creepy ;D
    That was my plan since Jayden's going to join the fray in my next post; I just wanted to make sure you weren't stuck until I could get them there, hence the patrols showing up beforehand. I should be able to post once Smoofy and Skitty are done with theirs. :)
    It looks a LOT better dude, good job! Definitely one of your better posts I've seen! Everything is spaced nicely and there's a lot of speaking with enough action to counterbalance that... top notch job my friend!
    Hey Grandsword, Your post is such an eyesore. I don’t like it because, the punctuation and grammar is very off. Not to mention there is no capitalization, and it’s a biggggggg blob. There are no paragraphs, it’s just all put in one...

    Try doing a spell check.
    Sounds like a plan! I'm waiting to see what Darien will do next. Did you read my post? What did you think?
    Yes! It's wonderful! Nihilus is awesome. I like the Star Wars vibe. Also, what other worlds will you send heralds to?
    I read it. Nice! Love the Star Wars Empire kind of thing. Though, it may or may not be a while till Xim?lech has anything to do with LoD, at least not yet.
    Available worlds in part 2 will be as follows:
    Pride Lands “Lion King”; Disney Town; Destiny Islands; Traverse Town; Land of Departure.

    There may potentially be more worlds added, but we'll see.
    There's going to be a bunch, and they change for each chapter (2.01, .02, etc.), so you may not always be able to go there. Smoofy's got the whole list, though :)
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