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Recent content by Grandsword

  1. Grandsword

    Character ► [ACCEPTED] my templates, starting with the mystic seeker of demise.

    Name: Jacques veilleur Alias:omega Age: appears 60 due to his curse , but is actually much older Gender: male Weapon/Abilities: jacques is a master of many magics, in particular, adept in the fields of gravity and lightning. However, his most renowned fields of skill lie in runes and gem...
  2. Grandsword

    fate/stay night style RP (limited numbers preferred)

    i've been on a fate/stay night kick recently and i know that a remake is coming, so i figured why not try to get an rp of it going. nothing too ambitious (trying to revive keyblade war taught me that) just a nice little thing in the vein of the source material. seven masters, seven servants. the...
  3. Grandsword

    Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War Part 1 remake (OOC/SIGN UPS)

    seeing as the old version, which was quite the roleplay fizzled and died, i decided, out of my own goodwill to remake this. naturally, everyone from the original is open, invited, and welcome to join this version. most content here is from key wielder, with only a minor edit to storyline from...
  4. Grandsword

    tournament of realms OOC

    am a big fan of anime & manga particularly "Tournament Fighter" style manga where each character has their own unique powers and abilities granted by something else such as "Zatch Bell", "Hyde & Closer", "S-cry-ed", and "Jojo's Bizarre Adventures"... from that I ended up creating THIS concept...
  5. Grandsword

    So now that you-know-who has a keyblade...

    you know..i always thought that his keyblade was just an upgraded/transformed form of his chakrams.. like how riku's way to dawn was an upgraded/transformed form of the soul eater
  6. Grandsword

    tournament of realms

    As you may or may not know I am a big fan of anime & manga particularly "Tournament Fighter" style manga where each character has their own unique powers and abilities granted by something else such as "Zatch Bell", "Hyde & Closer", "S-cry-ed", and "Jojo's Bizarre Adventures"... from that I...
  7. Grandsword

    my digital sketches

    removed due to unforeseen problems
  8. Grandsword

    APOCALYPSE 2123:The Void War

    in the central hub of the ruins of grand central station a mass of darkloids of various shapes and sizes were gathered around a makeshift podium, upon it a seemingly humanoid figure stood, this figure was pale skinned with black hair accented by a single tuft of white that frames the left...
  9. Grandsword

    APOCALYPSE 2123:The Void War sign-up and OOC

    welcome all to the sign-up and OOC thread, anyway, let me start the thread proper before i begin rambling.. ~The Story~ the year was 2112 A.D, humanity's technological advancement had hit an all-time high, and scientific explorations have traversed the world over, revealing historic secrets...
  10. Grandsword

    gauging intrest for an rp idea i have

    hey all, grandsword here; i had what i thought to be an interesting rp idea (no name as of yet, FYI); anyway the premise would be of a future united states, where technology was skyrocketed thanks to the discovery of a set of materials known as voidstone ore and black metal in 2112. unknown to...
  11. Grandsword

    [Spoiler]'s Remnant question...

    the way i thought of it was that they would use the remnant as temporary vessel like nightmare from soul caliber and somewhere along the line Terra would attempt to retake his body from xemnas, perhaps in a battle of willpower
  12. Grandsword

    [Spoiler]'s Remnant question...

    the only thing that doesn't explain is how Terra's remnant fought against sora in KH2; although in a mix of the puppet and horcrux ideas perhaps after terranort separated into ansem: SOD and xemnas, Terra used the link with his remnant to imprint himself on it and turn it into a kind of backup...
  13. Grandsword

    [Spoiler]'s Remnant question...

    good theory, thinking further, perhaps remnants are what happens to a displaced mind? after all when Terra's was made xehanort said "Your body submits, your heart succumbs, so why does your mind resist?" this could mean that xehanort knew what a remnant is; perhaps the status of Terra's...
  14. Grandsword

    [Spoiler]'s Remnant question...

    i always thought that maybe the Remnants/sentiments were some sort of horcrux made when a significantly powerful being died with a powerful desire remaining; for example Terra's was basically his desire to repent for his deeds as xehanort and Maleficent's unwilling lackey and to protect his...