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  • Given a recent comment by Superbia (formerly Ubi Ty), I'd be more fixed to make something simpler than that. Something where he (Superbia) and InnerPeace (I think that's who he's fighting) can just jump in and have at it. Typical death match, more so based in melee combat. Maybe in a forest or a field. Keep it simple and to the point.
    Apparently you and I are set to be co-judges for the next order ranking round. You even in that still?
    yea that will be no problem, btw its not going up this week sorry i lied lol things came up and now i have to get ready for the family reunion on sat
    btw i just got the okay to reopen HA, im going to try to make the topic for the signups/occ today since it has been in active for who knows how long now and it dosnt seem to be going anywhere i asked Orion and he said it was no problem. You dont have to make new characters or temps, your still going to be able to use your character where you left off.
    well we're all in christmas town/olympus collesium and our next des. is probably port royal so no one can enter with you yet (i know it's a pain, i had to do the same thing)
    You're roleplaying has a way to go, Grandsword. I'm not going to pretend that I'm some great name around here, because I'm not; I'm not going try and rip you for anything, as it's not my place to do so. But I will say that all I got out of that last post was an undermind of my character.
    There's been a change of plans it seems, look at Orion's PM.

    Well, keep your idea I guess, but I'm with Weeabo now...
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