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  • Yep. :3 Great job on the post, can't wait to see more! ^^ How have you been lately?
    I liked it! It was very interesting. :) Also how he recieved a Keyblade from them as well. :) Nice work.
    Hey man! It was awesome! I love how you did a Dive to the Heart to show how Nihilus banishes him. :) I loved it! What'd you think of my latest? It's not much, but oh well.
    If you've got a cool way to do so, then sure ;) Maybe have like a dive to heart kinda thing, but have Ordias and Nihilus duke it out! That'd be a cool way for Ordias to obtain his independence:)
    I did! :D Very good job, man! ^^ So you seperated Ordias and Nihilus? Coolio. Where is Ordias now?
    We'll see, I'm about to head over to my ladyfriend's house, but I'll be online until then. By the looks of it, it'll be like 10 or so minutes haha.
    I can't do anything till Key Wielder posts. But I'm patient. :) I'm interested in what she'll do next.
    Hi Grandsword! I think that was a bot you replied to. Though it's a smart one, I'll give it that. xD
    OK, that's cool! And thanks! ^_^ Glad you like them. What do you think of my character?
    I did, and I liked it. So, Nihilus is also multiple people? That's cool. What do you think of my posts?
    Yeah, I've got a good idea but it's been crazy the last couple weeks; especially the last couple of days.
    Cool. I'll check it out later, it's late. xD Need my brain at full thinking power first. :p Thanks! ^^
    Hey, Grandsword! :D Have a good Halloween? How do you like my new KW post? Sorry it took so long.
    Yeah, I'll be posting soon, sorry about holding the RP up; I've been busy recently. Besides that, how are you?
    My intenet doesn't like my DSi for some reason. :( I'd love to trade (I'd probably give you my lvl 55 Venusaur), but it's not working for me. If I manage to connect, I'll let you know, though! ^_^ So, how are you today?
    No, I have Black 1. :( I wanna get 2 badly though. Right now I'm trying to get a perfect Larvitar.
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