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  • I know, but I saw in your conversation with him *totally by accident* that he's kinda waiting on me because of Lumie and Aries.
    Sounds like fun, good luck! I'm sorry to hear you've got a cold though. *glances at the post she's working on for KW* Um, yeah, I think I might be done with one; but I'm going to let it sit for now since my brain's a little fried. Sorry about taking so long, I know you what to post but my muse has been a little fickle recently.
    I was gonna wait for Skitty to post, as the girls need their input for Kataki/Ordias' position, and also Leon and the others need to contribute to Traverse Town.

    I'll probs post as Neku later tomorrow, maybe as the others depending on the situation, sorry for the hold up!
    :) Yeah, that thought is kinda funny and I'm glad you liked *or at least found it amusing* on the comment.
    I haven't played the game, so I don't know what that storyline is.

    I know personally I've seemed to have gotten Garland's voice stuck in my head to Nihilus.
    Nope, I haven't checked it out yet. And I know what you mean, I've got a major plot point and ability gaining for Lumie later.
    Whoops, I'll see about getting a post up soon; since last thing I'd seen was that Kataki was hurrying off to check on Lumie. ^^;; I'll get a post up after tomorrow, I'm sorry about holding the RP up.
    That's great. :) I hope you get some stuff that you're hoping for, but a bunch of stuff you like and you're day is really good and hostility-free.
    As long as it isn't too ridiculous, and it fits into the Bleach world well. Otherwise, go for it man.

    Just make sure it makes sense, and he isn't an unbeatable, super being.
    Good thing I know his voice. I can't watch videos or anything on my DSi. :( But that's a cool VA to use for Ordias! :D
    I'm sorry Grandsword, but I'm not posting in KW till Christmas, when I gett my PS3 and can actually stay on long enough to get a post done. :( My Wii broke. Who's the voice actor? It would be helpful if you could write it here. I'm sorry.
    Yea man it was rad! Definitely one of your best (if not your actual best) post so far in the RP! Keep it up dude, I'm starting to see some great improvements in your writing!
    OK. :) I hope you have a wonderfuil holiday! ^^ Oh, I found out I'm getting a PS3 for Christmas! :D Do you have one?
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