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  • Loved the post and I’m sorry to see you go. Although I can understand being busy, I know I’m headed for an insanely busy stretch starting September. If you ever want to come back the door’s open and I hope we can still talk or at least you can keep up with the things you like doing.
    Loved the post, and I’m not surprised Yoake is calling them out. I know it’s moving too fast, although Andy is a kid that’s gotten a crush kind of for the first time. Later on at Eos he’s laughing at himself because of the way he’s acting.
    Okay, following your advice on this and now I really want to see it.

    You’re welcome, and looking forward to your post. :)
    Oh no. I’m scared now of Kingsglavie. And I know the end of chapter 13 with Ardyn and Bahamut caused me to freak because I wasn’t really expecting that.

    Everyone can hear it, it’s a hybrid that was actually kind of responsible for Topsy going nuts. They’ll fight the hybrid near the end of the world.
    Yeah I know I do like Prompto but I adore all of the boys equally, their dynamic is amazing. I love how Ignis tries to keep the peace between the boys and how Gladio is willing to call Noct on his BS (although I was not happy with him for making Ignis feel horrible). I was hoping that things would get better, but the second they pulled in lines from the beginning of the game I lost it. And Noct calling them the best? Nope, I was protesting so much that Dream told me to quiet down because she could hear me through her headphones since she was trying to work on a post and not hear the end of the game.
    Well I don't see how there's anything wrong with that. And I've finished the game, why did they have to do the end credits like that? Why? T.T
    Okay. *grabs tissues because Prompto almost broke her heart*

    Haha, understandable. Deimos, Rhapsody and purg are off in a different area compared to the others.
    Haha thanks, although if the last couple of chapters is anything to go by I won’t. T.T

    Sorry, Yoake, Renn, Henry and that group is basically in town square trying to get Topsy to calm down because he lost control to his heartless Hazen. What they don’t know is that the hybrid Krampus is near by messing with things enough so it lead to Hazen coming out.
    Haha, yeah. I’m on like chapter 13 and I just want to strangle him. And I don’t really hate many characters.
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