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  • You mean, you think it's funny that I misinterpreted what you were saying and came to talk to you, even though you were just quoting something?

    Now that you mention it, that is really funny.
    True enough. The vagueness did have me a bit suspicious.

    ??? I just thought I was needed...

    A bit. Not that odd, I'd say.
    Ah, sorry to assume. In the context of the thread, it looked a lot like I was needed, though...

    I'm not creeped out in the least! Why would you assume I would be?
    Oh, to whom are you referring?

    >Memory Master
    >capable of reasoning things out

    Impossible paradox.

    Haha, don't worry, I'm just a crazy science person. XD
    That's great! I had heaps of fun doing volunteer work in my time. Who are you doing it with?

    I did receive more than a few invitations to roommatehood, but I turned them all down; I want to try living on my own and see what it's like.

    Well...guess I will have to be feeling guilty. I finished a long day of phone calls with various agents and the like, and my week is jam packed. Sorry, buddy, looks like the soonest we can talk is going to be after the 25th. :/
    That is so awesome! Have all the fun in the world!

    Haha, I don't see how they're mutually exclusive. I'm legitimately having a house on my own that is near campus. (It's not, like, student accommodation in dorms, if that's what you're thinking.) Well, technically it's far from campus, but medics are a different subset of the university population. Starting next year, most of our teaching will be in the hospital. I think. If not, I don't see why they won't use the nice campus buildings instead.

    Haha. XD Don't be. I made a promise. You didn't make me feel guilty; the prospect of underdelivering did.
    As of right now, yes, that date's looking clear, but I must warn you that that could change. I have to go house-hunting, otherwise I won't have a place to live next year. Months ago, I thought that'd be done and dusted by now. It isn't. I have a tight deadline up to the 20th to look for a house and get all the paperwork sorted, because that's my homecoming date.

    Sorry, bro. It's a 50:50 thing. If Wednesday doesn't work, anytime after the 20th will.

    I feel really guilty now. :\
    My day is pretty boring compared to yours. I woke up at 11-ish, had some coffee, watched Boy Meets World, and So You Think You Can Dance, had some Mac and Cheese, watched a little more tv, played some video games, watched more tv, and now i'm on here. xD
    I wish you all the best. Do keep yourself busy over the year, though, should you have difficulties acquiring the aid. Really does help with job applications and such to say, "Well, goll-gee, I when I worked at xyz, I gained job experience abc, and I can now pqr ten times better than any other applicant." XD

    Okay, so I exaggerated. We do know a fair bit about cell biology. Actually, we know a lot. Like mega lots. Like 'oh my god I wish we didn't know so much so that exams would be easier' lots. But our knowledge still has holes and, where it is presumably complete, contradiction is rife. With the nervous system and the brain, however, the former very much predominates. Years have we known about the brain's function, and still, no one can quite sum up the mechanism of memory or of thought. We have ideas, but no concrete 'this is what happens when you think' explanation.
    Odd. The VM I thought I sent didn't send.

    So no financial aid means no college for another year? Is there no way you can directly contact them and ask to bend the rules? If you never try, you'll never know.

    Would love to educate you on the totality of stem cells; really, I would. I just don't have the time to produce a decent explanation right now. But the supersimplified version goes like this: Embryonic stem cells have the lowest risk because they are totipotent, meaning that they can differentiate to any cell type. Stem cells from already differentiated cell lines, such as from the skin, are pluripotent, meaning that they can differentiate to some cell types but not others. Because human understanding of cell biology is akin to a mouse's understanding of economics, we don't know exactly what cell types will be needed to give a full recovery, and when they would be needed. Best approach is to use a cell that knows what it's doing and is fully capable of doing it, and leave it to do its job.
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