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  • Your stem cells thread got closed before I could chip in a medical commentary and obliterate Memory Master's skull.

    Oh, thank God. You had me slightly concerned there. The idea of a villain who's nefarious because he's bored is not much different to the idea of a villain who is nefarious for the heck of it. Nice save. XD

    /on my iPod Touch now, and writing long VMs is a nightmare. If I have anything more to add, which I think I might, I'll let you know when I get back on my comp.
    While the concept works phenomenally for an RP with its Dissidiaesque set up, I feel the premise needs more attention. Why did Omega-State Antagonist (OSA) summon them to this world? No villain is just nefarious for the heck of it. Is the only form of battle they have against the monsters? I don't think you should necessarily tell people how their characters will feel. You make the assumption that everyone will want to be in this dream world to escape reality; but having some characters who are scared shitless or who are infuriated that they were pulled from their high-flying, high-paying job in the real world makes for a much more dynamic, varied and interesting cast. Also, I think you should open sign-ups for both teams -- the Randomly Chosen Protagonists (RCP) and OSA. Some RPers like playing the 'bad guys', and it makes for a fuller RP.

    /all the advice I have time for this morning -- gotta dash.

    Hope that helps! ^^
    Beowulf definitely rings a very clear bell xD.

    don't fret ^^; I understand the art of forgetting(shamefully, I'm a pro at it -.-).

    Maybe that's what I need to get my focus back on, but I just don't understand how just 5 months ago I was able to write four 4-lined stanzas that all rhymed, and made sense, to barely even to write 6 lines, and make no sense at all :(

    You can read me(somewhat) like a book. xP
    Only if they find out. Which they won't because you shall never speak of those things again, am I right? XD

    Yeah, I was slightly joking about the willpower; I always have willpower. About the sheep, however, I was dead serious.

    Oh dear, how do you feel now? How's the bite? I hope that demon from hell doesn't have rabies.
    :c sorry for lateness.

    Oh trust me, I can do the uberly-long poems if I have great motivation, and my creativity is at max power. Like one of my poems was detailing a man's anger gone so far that he killed his cheating spouse. It's my best work yet..at least as far as poetry is concerned. http://forums.khinsider.com/poetry/157893-untitled-work.html

    If English counts, then I've taken 4, but if not then I've never taken a single Writing class, though I might this fall just to see where my skills stand.

    Perhaps, and if it is, then my silliness can kiss my ass >C
    8.30 am?????
    Ah, well if it's for research, there ain't much of an argument there.

    It's good ;)
    Much better ;)

    Go to bed now :)
    That's good that you're good because being good means it's good to be good =)
    I am touched. Thank you for doing your research beforehand instead of blagging off something that could be fatally wrong. I really appreciate it. Nobody has replied to your post in the PSIn Sign-Ups! D:
    See, you're doing interesting things that probably inspire you, invigorate you, even as far as make you feel you're living and not just alive. Learn every single structure in the human body, its seemingly infinite functions, the myriad ways it can and does go wrong (and the relative frequencies of each), the plethora of signs and symptoms that indicate such a fault, and every treatment option available for it, then tell me you don't feel duller than a rock. XD

    Don't get me wrong, it's interesting; it's also very, very draining.
    A poem with only 4-6 lines? o_O

    I always thought poems had to be 12 lines or more?
    Or is that my silliness talking? xD
    I believe it's just exactly that, but I wanted to expand my message so I could talk all fancy-like :p

    Nah, I mean I've lost almost all motivation for poetry. Well, not like I can't get it back, but I can't think of a single stanza without it being utter trash. and yes, I know any writing is good for the long-run, but if I'm not happy with it, then I scrap it XD.
    Sounds like you've been a busy Epif in the past months. I on the other hand, have not been a busy person :c. Actually, the complete opposite. When boredom, and no life meet together, they create what I have been doing lately: nothing, nip, nadda XD

    And in that same process, I've lost my edge for Poetry :<
    Aha. Not much, a lot of studying. That's all my life's become. Forgive me if I'm a little dull for the next...20 odd days. :/
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