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  • Hi man, how're you doing lately? Long time since we last spoke :).

    Thanks for the critique on my poem btw, I appreciate it. If you're interested, there are more poems uploaded now n.n.
    hahaha, that was a clever one xD. ah, not much going on here, I've just tried to keep my creativity active, and for the most part, I've succeeded, but there have been some instances that I wasn't at my best, still in that area. I've written a new poem, but I just need a beta reader/editor to help me out to it. I'm not too sure about the structure of it. Haha xD. And time will be time XD

    Hbu? How're you and such?
    Yeah, I understand, me neither xD. You would expect when something's based on something it would have similiar elements but no sir, here I don't see those similiar elements at all xd
    Haha yeah, nothing to do about school :D. We went to a play today, an english play called pygmalion, man that sucked big time xD.
    Sorry to hear that, hope you'll get better soon n.n. Well, here's a late happy b-day to make this day better haha xD.
    I'm doing fine but had a very boring day at school .... as usual haha xp
    Yeah--never formally studied this. All I know about the weather comes from my research on Storm (okay, okay, so I also researched the proper physics behind localized meteorological phenomena, but I never looked into climate) way back in the X-Men RP when I was controlling a weather guy.

    I've never rented a game before... Dammit, my life is is so inexperienced.

    Did you do science?

    Why discriminate against periods among all the punctuation marks? lol
    You're about the same latitude from the equator that I am; the weather should be the same. I don't know. I've always struggled with meteorology. I can explain to you how lightning works in terms of positive streamers and step leaders, or why tornados revolve, but I am clueless with the practical side of things.

    Why didn't you renew it?

    You get majors in high school? Kelvin, to me, is only useful when you're talking about small temperatures. When you're talking about real life temperatures its usefulness rapidly diminishes.


    I studied poetry, too--just as part of a larger course called English Literature.
    Haha. Tropical climates are pretty windless, at least in comparison to the UK. I always had trouble imagining how Storm could fly in the wind when I was in Singapore. Now I know.

    That's such a bummer. Why did you have to return it?

    Because most people aren't scientific and can only contemplate water freezing at 0°C and boiling at 100°C. Actually to convert from C to K, you add 273. :) Ugh. I've had that ingrained because of all the stupid chemistry problems I used to do.

    Nope. I haven't seen it. I haven't seen many movies recently, either. Stupid Big Brother type college network monitoring!

    Thanks for the question. I can't say much about slam poetry because I didn't really know it existed until, well, now. XD
    Oh, then that's good :D. I might buy it when/if I buy a DS XD

    xDD, i guess it's better than being the good guy...I think. o_O

    I haven't read the book, but all I know is that I'm a big fan of Tim Burton, soI guess me liking his intake on AiW doesn't have to do anything with the story, but I do like the story XD.

    It's definitely going to be fun :D

    Oh, yay~ So now you can be organized and shiz. :D
    what sorts of Drives did they add?

    Well same here. When there's something wrong/going on with my friends, I have to at least ask what's wrong, and whether or not they want to tell me is how I usually operate..or something xD.

    OH! I didn't know that. D:. I love Alice in Wonderland(the Tim Burton take, not disney's crappy edition xD).

    I might do one soon. It could prove to be fun :D!

    So, what's up?
    I'm doing fine, thanks for asking n.n. But I can't manage to fall asleep, jeez, really irritating ;o

    Well, I was listening to a song and it kinda inspired me to write something again. I wanted it to be a poem but it turned out to be longer than an ordinary poem and different than a poem so decided to make a song out of it (just the lyrics though).

    But I think you can look at it as poetry too 'cause there's meant to be rapping in it so yeah, alot of ryhming should be in it :p.
    Hi n.n. How're you :D. I just came over to say that I wrote something new :). It's meant to be a song so it could be interesting :D
    Trees in the wind are ridiculously noisy; what are you on about? XD

    Nope. Self-portraits would be twice as hard for someone without any artistic ability whatsoever.

    Glad you're enjoying the game. :) I'm enjoying my read through Stephen King's Dark Tower series. It's so good.

    Haha. It's like...warm now. 12C. Which is uhm...pretty high F. I'm sorry. I just don't comprehend the Fahrenheit gibberish. XD Convertor says it's 54F, whatever that means to you.
    I tend to do that with my first posts. They naturally come out as...not my usuals. >>
    I prefer his regular abilities than the drive forms, tbh XD

    For me its more like "that is not my job"

    Ohhhh, I never heard of that or the poet for that matter. D:
    I prefer his regular abilities than the drive forms, tbh XD

    For me its more like "that is not my job"

    Ohhhh, I never heard of that or the poet for that matter. D:
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