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  • And some romance here and there *^^*
    I tried to watch Deathnote but stopped watching it after a couple of episodes. I tried to watch Naruto but I end up not watching it after a while and then I'll watch it again when I remember it...It's the same routine every time ^^;;
    That's something to look forward to then! =D

    *nods to hat tip* It was, to keep my face clean is to shave every evening.

    Especially with school, I hated school.
    Well I was pretty bored myself but people started talking to me on here so I'm not as bored as before :)
    I don't have a favorite where I like one over all the other ones but to name a few, I like Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny, Rurouni Kenshin, Fairy Tail, Studio Ghibli films, Naruto, although it's on and off for me...that's about all I can thin of right now but I know I watched more
    Do you have a favorite or favorites?
    It's alright, I've done it myself. xD
    Your still in the hospital?

    Alright I suppose, grew a beard in 7 days. x'D
    How about you?
    Are you still looking for a Scizor? Give me a Scyther and I'll trade it back with the Metal Coat. Finding one shouldn't be hard, unless you wanna wait a bit. If you do, I can cook you up a special one! Breeding and Egg moves are my thing, after all~
    Okay, I'll try to pick it up once I have enough munny in my wallet. xD

    Notice my Avatar/Signature? I'm temporarily using it for Halloween. :) Then I'll go ask Aldrain to make a new set.
    I have Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, Game Cube, PS2, PS3, PSP, and 3DS. Pretty soon, PS4! :D

    That's all the systems I have throughout my life.
    o_0 Damn sir, that's a hard place to infect. I may have one already I'll have to check tomorrow. o3o
    So far I have garchomp, mewtwo, charizard, gradevior and blaziken. Though now that I have all the X stones I'd have just about any long as I had the pokemon to match.

    What about you?
    xD I'll see what I can do sir.

    Also you'll need this: Pokemon X and Y Mega Stone location guide | GamesRadar
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