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  • That'd be a difficult degree for me lol. I'd say there's plenty of website options.

    I doubt it'll ever look better for my town, if anything it deserves to collapse.
    I know! But seeing the trailer for FFXV, it seems like there's no gauge and everything is just real time which I'm excited for :D
    Yeah~ the combat system looks really good! I like it more than turn based games but when I played FF13, I hated the battle system because of the gauge that has to fill up before the character attacks -.-;;
    Died so many times because of that stupid gauge
    The lake scene was the best for me. I actually saved another file just before the lake scene so that I can watch it whenever I wanted to. It was the most beautiful and emotional scene ever. I think any FF scene can beat that scene.

    I'm just glad Square is releasing something to keep me occupied because I've been waiting for FFXV forever!!
    I heard GTA V is a really good game but I'm not a big fan of those games so I've just been watching videos of people playing the game
    FF10 is such an awesome game! The story and the character are all great! But I really can't tell the difference between the PS2 version and this HD version but maybe I'll be able to tell the difference once I play it on the big screen
    Unfortunately, I'm not playing any video games. I'll play cod once in a while but it's only when I really have nothing to do
    I'm just waiting for Lightning Returns and FF10 HD to be released so that I'll have something to play. You?
    As of right now, the only anime that I'm actually watching is Fairy Tail. What about you?
    Yeah I work but my town dont offer any good choices for work and I have no interest or idea what to do with a college. =P
    I actually started watching SOA but stopped at epi 3? 4? Got side tracked so I'm most likely going to start all over.

    I have really short attention span too so it's hard for me to finish an anime/manga and on top of that I'm picky so it's difficult for me to find an anime that I'll watch till the end T.T
    Sweet to grow the beard yes, but to maintain it with todays prices is hell. xD

    Good luck finding one, even college students are having trouble with jobs.
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