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  • You're welcome!

    Thank you, and yes. Character design is something I'm especially passionate about and would love if I could make a career out of it. Same with animation too, actually.

    Speaking of which, aside from the occasional tutorial, I'm pretty much self taught.

    *nods like crazy* You should! I would love to see what you come up with if you do.

    Yeah, I'm positive we've never spoken to each other before, but I remember you and the KH fangame project! I never did get around to drawing the others.*laughs*

    I really loved looking through the project and am rather touched myself from your message. I hope you've been doing well since.

    I am and I will! Thank you for the encouragement! In fact, I'm currently doing artwork for two indie games and am working on personal projects as well.

    I also have made a tumblr account (mostly fanart and dumb stuff) since then if you want to see how much I've improved. https://fudgemintguardian.tumblr.com
    Hey! Sorry voor de super late reactie, maar dankjewel :D

    Met mij gaat het prima! Hoe is het met jou?
    Hey man how've you been? Are you into battling pokemanz? Would you wanna have a triple or double battle sometime
    I don't think so, it's 2122-5830-6040. I'll add you sometime today.

    Ok sounds good, looking forward to it! Lol from my perspective it seems like you're the one who works the most/hardest on this. But hey that's a good thing, being a hard worker. I'm as lazy as a fat cat so my work ethic will probably be my demise lol.
    I was able to find someone to help me with that last night. Thank you though.

    Wow thanks man, I saw your comments on my improvement in the lcp Skype convo. Seeing that yesterday really meant something to me. And I went onto the forum yesterday to see if I could log in and I was able to without any problems. Again, thanks for having an interest in my artwork!
    Would you be able to help me with something? I'm wanting to trade over a few items from my file on X version over to my new file on AS version.
    Glad to hear you're doing alright, king_mickey! =D

    I imagine it's been busy with exams, essays, and the like. What concerts are you going to? If you don't mind me asking. ooh, more new Confetti Parade material! *u* I can't wait to hear any new songs you make! I also saw you added some new stuff on your SoundCloud; which is really awesome to listen to. You also have interesting taste in music.

    As for myself, I was sick throughout most of October, coming and going on here when I could. Otherwise, I've been busy with studying, watching new TV dramas and keeping up with Legend of Korra season 4. Can't say much else is really new besides the fast approaching holidays and hoping snow doesn't start raining down on my anytime soon. Also, I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving in advance!
    I'm so terribly sorry for not getting back to you on this! ;___; Are you doing alright, king_mickey rule?

    How's life been treating you, since the last time we talked? College going well? Anything you're looking forward to in the upcoming holidays? Still making music?
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