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  • Hey, sorry, but I was just wondering who that actually IS in your "obsession" album... o_O"

    I know that I've left multiple comments on the pics in that album, but I was just wondering... Your gender on your page says male, but is that you? o_O"
    Well, Asians rock! xP Sorry about the misunderstanding... ^___^"

    So, in order to look at the responses and to reply back to them, I guess that I'll have to visit your page, right? o_O Well then, I'll reply back, okayzies? ^___^

    I hope that you get to play 358/2 Days on a DS or DSi soon! ^___^

    Maybe you'll be able to buy one when you get paid or something... ^___^"

    They may get cheaper down the road... Everything does... ^___^"
    Yeah; I know... but I kind of thought that it would be a long wait either way... just because that's our luck, here in America... ^___^"

    I'm sorry that you don't have as much time to play games now, but life does come first... xD

    I understand that things get in the way, so here's hoping that you get to have some fun soon!! ^___^"

    I enjoy talking to you on here; God bless! ^___^

    (I sent you pic comments by the way, just because I wanted to do it xP)
    Oh, I am not the artist...I wish I was though :) haha. I have experimented with GIMP alot but i suck to bad to be an actual graphics guy. I probly will ask Midnight Channel to make it for me in about 2 weeks
    Its fine, no rush at all in response to your first message. And btw, I know what the Stock Randomizer thread was, I just didnt know that stock was there :) And thanks, I will look forward to using it in the future
    xP Well... I know that as a devoted, loyal KH fan, I have been waiting for pretty much forever and a month for KHIII, so I care very much if they even mention it at this point... ^___^"

    I understand you though; a lot of people want to worry about games before the come out... but I guess that, sadly, I am a little bit like one of those people... ^___^"

    I definitely understand about the whole DS thing as well; that's similar to how I am at the moment... xP

    BbS looks amazing though! In case you didn't see it, there has been a new update on here saying that the North American release of BbS may be coming out around June or August of this year... ^___^

    What do you think about it all? o_O
    Hey could you give me a link to the stock you and duskk worked with? I love it and would like it available to me :) Please and Thank you!

    Days rocks!! ^___^

    Well, you may not like it... Xion apparently ruined it for the fangirls, or at least that's what my best friend, Chelcia-chan, says... ^___^"

    I liked it though... ^___^"

    Anyway, yeah, that's awesome; I love RPGs! ^___^

    You need to get a DS or a DSi! xP
    Yeah; I'm excited about it...

    Ah; I'm sorry... That must be horrible... -___-"

    At least you have your other KH games to satisfy you, but yeah, I understand... -___-"

    I want to play KHII again also, because I finished KH: Days and it is like a prelude to KHII in a way... ^___^"

    So, what other games do you like?
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