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  • Just so you're aware, I'd like to take you up on that challenge you made in the Battles section. Please don't leave me hanging.
    Currently too busy with end-of-school and exam studies to afford more roleplaying than I'm currently. Ideally, I should cut back on it absolutely.
    Yeah, I stopped fighting you because I got tired of you being same-old and retarded. And I never even said what you would have to do if I won, so the deal never even got completed :/
    Me refusing to fight you on account of your own idiocy is hardly 'winning'. Not to mention I'll still treat you like I always do (possibly worse now that I've actually had to roleplay with you) until you can provide me a genuine reason not to treat you like shit.
    wow that was random lol. idk dante i'm not good and i never been in battles accept in rps which i do poorly in
    No, shapeshifting is fine, but the immunity to punches and ability to create seemingly infinite number of clones, not to mention tiny little portals that don't turn me to mince meat as I pass through all seem like Godmodding to me.
    It would probably involve some god-modding on your behalf just to get Zauss into Dante's realm. He's sure as hell not going to willingly go straight into the enemy's own world.
    There's already a thread set up for new members in the foyer, the Newb Adoption Agency. So it's probably best to stick to greeting people in their threads, and applying for a position at the NAA if one opens up.
    I'm only doing what's in my character's ability. Only now am I upping the pressure.
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