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  • This is funny, but I honestly just now read this and it's one year old exactly! Wow! I've been doing well though. :p How are you?
    Sorry it's been so long I've been looking at collages and stuff (plus I'm just plain lazy), I'm finally getting FAFSA and the financial check in done this week, although I have yet to get my liscence :p

    So how have you been?
    Oh, I don't go there, I really haven't decided what collage to attend next year yet.

    Me too, I just got on to see the costume contest

    I was an angel, I just dressed up in white and had silver sparkles in my hair (no wings though! I couldn't find some that were without that fluff around the edges.)
    Dude, stop freaking out when I don't respond right away!!!!
    I was at my Grandmother's and my internet connection irks me

    Hmmm, on a scale from one to ten I would rate myself a 5 on girly (I'm not that girley but I have my moments)

    Heartless if it's shadows (I love to fight a bunch of them at once!) Nobodys if it's the Organization!(Because they have different personalities, and different ways to beat them)

    Roxas, because he could kick Sora's ass
    Xion, because she seems so strong, I mean how many people do you know who would sacrifice themself for someone they had never met?

    Sorry I was at camp (I leave for another one tommarrow *rolls eyes*)
    How about we talk about something non-footish?
    It's fine, I haven't been really active lately anyway
    Sure, just don't get creepy about it (lol, jk)
    I want to be a psycological profiler for the FBI's CASMIRC(Chid Abduction, Serial Murder Ivestigative Resources Center) devison
    Please sorry it's just getting a little weird. (Ever see Kiss the Girls? one of the villians in there collects feet from the people he kills. So it's starting to creep me out a little)
    Still have another week,
    Lol, I have size 9 feet both are fairly slender with purple painted nails
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