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  • Well, I'd just like one because I've got the other Kanto starters with HA haha. But with Stealth Rock (even if it became a bit less widely available), Charizard kind of needs to be overpowered. I've never done anything competively, but it's mainly because I never had the time. Now that I've got a perfect Ditto, that might change. I can't do much with a regular Treeko though, I've already got all starters. :) (if you need one, just give me a holler)
    Ah, I didn't know that.

    For the moment, the only one I can think of would be a Charmander with Solar Power. That's the only Kalos/Kanto starter of which I don't have it's HA. (A Treecko or the Gen IV with HA would also be good, but unless you got incredibly lucky with trading, you probably don't have them either, seeing as those were given out only in promotions so far)
    I hope so for you! :) (and if you don't, I guess I can get some extra evolution items again lol xD )
    Out of curiosity, who are you picking as a starter? Because if you'd desire, I could provide any of the Kalos starters with a hidden ability.
    You're welcome and thank you for the stones and the bonus Eevee and Charmeleon. Gives me a better chance of breeding shinies (and I love Eevee's in general anyway) Just let me know if your next Nuzlocke goes sour again.
    Right, caught 6 of them, 3 for the stones, three for the items. Let's do this!
    Fire Water and Shiny would be good. I'm pretty set for Leaf stones. 1 of each is good enough.
    Just a sec, I'll go catch some schmucks. Incidentally, do you have any spare evolution stone you don't need anymore? :p (mainly Water, Fire and Dusk)
    Ouch, yeah, that sounds rough. If you ever need some similar help, feel free to ask. If you want, I could provide you with Pokerus btw.
    't Was a pleasure helping ya. :p
    And thank god for FCs being per system rather than per game, right?
    Think I'll say it again here: I'll help you with your Haunter. Got someone to evolve myself :)
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