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  • I assure you, it?s different around here xD it?s basically "the Tim", but without sounding like a douche because I refer to myself in the 3rd person. :p (though... is it a type of gum you like? XD )
    How?ve you been?
    AT THE MOST INCONVENIENT TIME FOR ME xD Car needs to go for a checkup, and there is ALWAYS something wrong; 2 cons in less than a month. sister's birthday. Brother coming back home. Arkham Knight. PROBABLY MORE I DON'T REMEMBER BECAUSE I'M TOO BUSY WEEPING xD Also for some reason can't remember my login OR find the emails for it o_O I think my mailbox is haunted...
    I just realized my birthday, yesterday, was on E3 weekend. The site will get crazy six months from now...
    Oh xD Basically think, post-apocalypse, rpg where your choices matter. From the same studio that makes the Elder Scrolls games.A lot of people seem to like it. I've never played any of them but the new one actually looks pretty awesome.
    I can't tell if you really don't know what Fallout is, or if you're being sarcastic x3
    Good point. I couldn't do that though. I get antsy if I haven't left the country in more than a year. :p I need to see things :3
    Yeah over here most bartenders would give 14 year olds drinks if their parents are there. But most have the good sensability to not get them drunk (and of course, every bartender has his own views and rules). There are no real laws about the whole drunk thing though.

    I'm fast in these games. Even when taking it slow. xD Of course, now I have a deadline so I AM rushing through them :D In the past I took weeks to play them though.
    Tree Tops deaths NEVER count.
    I'd totally be game for a HD remake of those games :p Both Spyro and Crash. They could maybe add some features, like playing as some of the other characters (better yet: unlock Crash/Spyro in the other ones game :p Considering their old rivalry, it'd be pretty cool and interesting)

    You had me at T-Rex. Always game for a good platformer. :3 I'll look into it.
    If you meant on the forum, everything is still there. C: If it's on your computer or tablet, I understand your pain; would suggest copying or saving it before loading or posting anything. Or try recovering your post too. No idea if this was what you meant or the former, but hopefully it helps. Goodnight~
    No problem! Whenever you can complete it is fine. Remember you got time. ;3

    Nah, you don't have to ship anybody in particular. I was mostly curious is all.

    Yeah, Toykopop went out of business, I think? Yeah, I remember Borders being shut down years ago. 2011 sounds about right. :3 I remember reading the spoof manga 4Koma, it was funny. xD Ever see the youtube videos with weird outtakes where Pi was sleeping and knew Yata was watching her? I forgot what the other ones were, but they were pretty hilarious. Awesome, I totally watch your LP's of the games when your channels are up! C: Wait, you have some fellow .Hack// friends? That's awesome! Yesss! We need more games being renewed or made from Bandai and CC Corp again. If I had a pc, would've loved to play the actual The World game instead. xD

    Geez, so much dough for these games! ;w;

    I know, right? I have a hard time listing favorite songs from the .Hack// series as a whole. Too many to like! lol. Yeah, soundtracks are equally as expensive for sure. xD
    You definitely should. Be careful if you have a guide though, they'll likely take you to the busiest parts of the wall. (I imagine that with a country as big and diverse as the US, lots of people probably don't leave the US their entire lives)
    Ah man, that sounds awesome. Drinking laws can be so funny. Over here you're legally allowed to drink beer and wine starting from 16 (spirits starting from 18). And that's actually more strict than it was 5 years ago. (then again, beer is kind of my country's thing)

    For us, the order was 2-3-1 :p We lucked out in finding the first game.
    60? I think I had 14 when I got there 2 weeks ago xD And I did every level! (100% from the start every time)

    Got any suggestions on Steam? :p
    Well, the wall isn't that high (the structure itself I mean, obviously not the mountains it goes over), but the fact that you can see it stretching almost infinitely is what's amazing. It also takes lots of turns and curves so on some points, you can actually look to the left or the right and see another part running almost parallel.
    I wish we had that bar. :/ I don't drink alcohol, but still.

    I usually miss some in Cliff Town as well. (not this time though!) I'd say Haunted Towers, but overal I like 2 and 3 a lot more. 2's levels are my absolute favorites in the series. Then again, I might have some bias because that's the first one I played. xD
    Tree Tops is the only level I hate though. Especially this time because for some reason Spyro kept suddenly turning during the super charge even though I was holding the stick straight up. :/ It fixed itself when I turned my Vita off and on again though.

    It IS ambitious. I think you'd be ok with 1 upload per day though. Don't you have 2 jobs? Don't want to over exert yourself... (another thing to do is to first just film a couple of LPs but not upload anything for a while. That way if you find yourself strapped for time you have a while before you're "in trouble")
    Maybe I should look beyond RPGs on Steam xD I'd probably end up with a wishlist too then :p
    I saw your warning about not reading Part 2 of the .Hack entry you had; since it's in progress. Let me know when that changes, Chibi, kay? xD
    Me too, but stuff can be easy to miss. :p


    Of course I did. :p It's huge. Well, I didn't went all the way. It's thousands of miles long so I just took their word for it.
    Nope. Noticed how nerds are now somewhat cool? Here society is roughly 5-10 years behind on that. ;)

    2 weeks ago my brother challenged me to finish the old PSOne games by the time he got back. Seeing as how I finished Spyro 1-3 and Crash 1 and nearly have Crash 2 finished in 2 weeks, he's already regretting the challenge. :3 Got them through PSN on my Vita, even though I still have the discs as well.

    Whoo! What games have you got planned so far?
    I suck at keyboard gaming too :p I haven't even downloaded anything through Steam yet xD (as a matter of fact, I only made a profile last weekend)
    I didn't even know... -_- In my defense though, I barely ever go to the Foyer xD

    Hungry no good. You need eat. GO EAT CHIBI

    Visiting my brother (he's studying there but he's coming back the 26th of June) and traveling around. Taking in the sights and culture and whatnot :p
    Well, friends... It's more like guys I know by association since I actually have maybe 1 friend. :/ But still, having fun.

    Also currently replaying Crash Bandicoot and Spyro (well, I finished Spyro already)

    Weren't you starting an LP? :p Or planning to?
    Really? Cuz I was thinking I'm the one who'd been forgotten xD

    That's good! And that's bad xD Do you have any free time? :p

    Same old same old tbh. After my trip to China I suddenly found myself hanging out with old friends a lot more than I used to (to be precise: aside from one I hadn't even seen the others for about 2 years) So that's better I guess :p
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