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  • Pffft I consider those good things I see to many girls who practically paint their faces with makeup when most would be prettier without it.
    I've actually never seen a girl who DIDN'T like a guy character. xD
    Psssh they just jelly cause they know all their hard work to keep themselves 'pretty' will be pointless in 40yrs from now while you never change for the worse~ xD
    If I preferred my old hair and I can no longer have it then I was cheated. xD My hair is to unruly to have fun with, it grows fast, thick and it's never one singular color. AND I DONT EVEN DO ANYTHING TO MY HAIR OTHER THAN WASH IT xD
    Sadly my red hair has faded, puberty cheated me. I love hearing old celtic language and their music is one of the best ones of an older culture~
    lol I like some things, like the old celtic music. My hair used to be red, puberty turned it a dark brown, and my grandpa swears up and down the red hair comes from scotland.
    Them people's crazy, Draco is his own self.
    Connery did the better voice, dat scottish accent is just freakin awesome to listen to. xD
    Though I enjoyed the second movie I'd never rate it better than the first. Exactly, I dont even know of people who listen to critics. xD
    my favorite quote is from the first scene when Bowen and Inon were sparring with wooden swords...can you guess what it is?
    The one you are using now! No prob! Yeah, it can be a lot sometimes xD It took me awhile to figure out how to navigate the forum, and I think I'm still learning how to use things even now xD

    I'm glad you're having a fun time so far. Things will only get better as more info comes out about KH3 and more people come on to post :3

    What made you decide on joining KHI?
    Yeah, you got it

    So, if you ever have anymore questions or concerns, please ask me, another mod, or refer to the FAQs. Have fun on the forums dude
    Haha I can tell, because to reply to a message on your profile, you have to go to the OTHER person's page and comment.
    Don't worry I am khi wizard so I knew you might goof lol
    Thanks. To be honest, I've never been in a forum in my life! You could say I don't get out (digitally) much.
    Hi, and welcome to KHI!

    Just wanted to let you know that double posting is not allowed on the forums :c It's no big deal since you're new but please try not to make a habit of it. Also, there's an edit button for your posts if you ever need to correct or add something (I need to use it a lot haha)

    Anyways, that's it, happy posting
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