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  • Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


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  • Haha, well I feel all warm and cuddly inside ^u^ Thanks Chibi, now I have another place to hang out.
    Same here, but playing the new Batman video game.

    I'll always be a Ford Mustang person for a long time! And I'll try to eat as much, but I know me so well, lol. That'll be something new, a goofball in the world of CLASSIC. I'm aiming for a Knight since there are lancers and mages and thieves, so there has to be a good knight.
    Oh, I also have something for you if you're willing to give up any Pokemon in particular. I have a 5 IV Calm nature Chikorita up for grabs :3
    I also just looked up where to get the King's Rock too x3 Hariyamas have it I guess. o.o So I'll have that in a little while lol. Though I don't have a "good" Poliwhirl to evolve into it and I don't want to waste the trade lol. xD

    I will add you if I can ^_^

    Yep :D
    Haha x3 I'll pay close attention then ^-^

    I did what you said, took my Butterfree with Compoundeyes and went fishing for Carvahnas. xD

    Okie dokie :3 I won't be able to talk unless it's very quietly lol. x3 THat's if you even want to do it today ^^
    I don't need the Huntail anymore, but I'll still help you with your Politoed if you like ^_^ Just let me know if you have any free time.
    Hi back, Chiba! :D

    How are you doing? It has been a long time since we last talked. I'm leaving for Colorado on Wednesday for vacation and another car show that my brother has to judge. At least I'll take my tablet with me since the hotel has free wi-fi and that I'll be able to work more on my template for CLASSIC.
    Sadly no I do not have Steam xD The only computer I have access to is the one at the library haha.

    Oh, a Let's Play channel? :3 If you decide to do that, let me know! ^-^
    Dragonball Ultimate Battle 22. This game made me realise more than ever that if there's a reason to love the Vita, it's the ability to play old games with them looking slightly better instead of worse. Smaller screens do wonders for outdated graphics.

    Can't wait :3

    An audience? Do you even have the money to visit me? :D
    I bought a PSOne game at a con in April, when I played it all the characters were basically colourful blobs. The backgrounds were slightly better. When I looked gameplay videos up, it apparantly had some pretty good pixel graphics on old screens xD

    There's still Skype, right? :3 (but I'm not kidding: I'm INCREDIBLY scatterbrained. Give me a lab and actual scientific knowledge and I'll be your clich? funny scientist)

    lol I could. The guys haven't finished editing though.
    And I ordinarily don't even like shooters. That's how nerdy I am. Buying something well known and iconic despite it not being my genre. Haven't played it yet though, haven't felt like hooking up my N64 yet. (also slightly afraid of how it'll turn out graphically on modern day tvs)
    Then maybe I won't watch it because I am a scatterbrain and am likely to remind myself to watch :3
    Well, it hasn't been edited yet. :p And even when it is, we all want to watch it first to make sure we're satisfied with the result (we're not expecting something, well, professional, but we don't want to unleash something ridiculously amateuristic either. Aside from the fact that we're kind of using amateuristic for comedy xD )
    Well, it does do the mouth some good xD
    I bought no games xD none at all. Then again, I spent over 200 bucks on a con that was small (it was a new con) and therefore I assumed it to be devoid of an overload of stuff I wanted. I was very wrong. (snagged, amongst other things, a copy of N64 Goldeneye)
    I'll keep an eye on it (wouldn't hurt to say something once you've posted though xD)
    Me and some buddies are also going to try our hand at youtube. :p Comedy clip shows (a fair warning some of it is raunchy) Today was our first filming day (where me and my best buddy derailed some scenes through improv. Usually to the betterment though xD )
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