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  • Thanks again for all the awesome news today. I feel like we users never say that often enough! :)
    you only speak frankly with your bestest friends

    you're warming up to me chaser
    me, Chuman "The K-9" American, spam untolerably in an e3 thread? i would NEVER
    its no big deal man. i didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable so i just unfollowed you but i'm glad everything is alright. its not easy to offend me, so you don't have to worry about that, i was just surprised haha.

    i understand your privacy, and my twitter is basically shitposts so i understand how that could have been a tad unsettling so i apologize also.

    also i'm not sure if you've heard but i wanted to do a KHI newsletter, get the whole community together. any columns you'd like to see?
    Interesting resemblance to your avatar.

    Thanks again for the link for P4, it even came with the soundtrack, all new and sealed~~
    guy? god? goof? gosh? golly? good? great? gone? gassed? gamgam? gamer? gameinformer editor?

    what is the g word man
    yeah it looks odd, all i want to do is stream my picture to it but theres the baggage of a PC handling the game and controller support
    oh okay, I'll leave your own personal stuff alone.

    yeah i learned that lol. i was desperate as fuck to play my console when i learned that sony is planning to eventually bring support to PC so im waiting on that.
    somebody stalked your rl identity? that's fucked up man, if i were you i probably wouldn't even use my real name anymore after that haha

    yeah i was still getting a feel of my phone, only downloaded the PS app last month trying to remote play because i couldnt access the TV.
    oh i didnt mean any harm. i just meant to use FB messenger because i was visiting my mom in the hospital and couldnt get to my ps4 that often.

    im sorry if that was too personal, i only just made a facebook in november and all i use it for is messenger
    wait, is this about that whole anagram mess? I know i had no right to put anybody in the position i did, i guess that's why i tried to find out the full situation and i acted impulsively. if im an asshole in that or any other situation, you should tell me straight.

    2015 tried to kill everyone i think, real stressful and for no reason now. im going to a driving class starting tomorrow.
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