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  • hey i know you've been anticipating ffxv for a long time so i really hope you like it dude
    It's really lacking man, I was in a good party too and was so close to finally spending some actual cash on the game then I downloaded JPN and it's just like I'm never going back ha. I don't think Global is ever getting M&Bs now, when we got Nova at the same time as JPN was the nail in the coffin for that idea for me, and thus I would never guilt anything decent on there ever. Fortunately I've been able to guilt Sephiroth and a stat boosted Illustrated Sora, and the Illustrated Terra I pulled the other day is halfway there finally. The one thing I would say that JPN is lacking is actually in the medal draw options themselves, I think I'd rather do the 600 3 medal pulls than waiting a week to do the 3000 each time, as far as I'm aware they never seem to get 1500 packs either.
    Alright thanks!

    Lucky! Brotherhood seems pretty short, I might give it a try. Thanks for your info!
    Hmm, that's strange. Also, a very happy Thanksgiving to you or a happy November 24th if you don't celebrate it lol.

    Should I see the movie first or play the game first? I'm planning to play the game blind, so I'm unsure if it's the best choice.

    Okay, thanks. Once FFXV releases, it might be on YouTube.
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

    Just saw this, thought the conversation was shot down a bit with the first comment but I've uploaded them to imgur for you if you were just interested in seeing the comparison. I stick by the RNG sucking on NA in comparison! I've just straight up deleted it now, as you will notice straight away the difference in my medals is absolutely shocking, especially when I've guilted Sephiroth and one of those Ill. Soras.
    I'm in North America. Unless the broke has been fixed.

    I think the main four didn't appear in the movie? Only Lunafreya and Noctis' father?

    Yep, I've heard of that! I think there was a secret episode though, so I kind of felt iffy. Is that secret episode on Youtube as well?
    Oh, lucky them xD. Which region did it break?
    Yep, going in blind can make me more curious. I wanna know more about the main protagonist and his backstory, and the Lunafreya girl looks good as well. I heard the movie had mixed reception, though.
    Oh, I was wondering if the game is out or not. I want the game but I don't really know much about it. I have a lot of FF games unfinished.
    its really fun and immersive

    but its kind of draining and takes a lot to get into, which is why i shelved it in favor of skyrim special editon
    did you ever beat witcher? i put that game down for a while and could never pick it up because its so rich and dense, lol. the reason i bought it is keeping me from playing it because i can't just get immersed into games like i used to.
    lol that's awesome, i've never actually heard of that happening before but i'm glad PS does that.
    i never knew you could get refunds digitally, what happened with south park?
    i'm out of the loop because i spent all my money on skyrim and presents for my family members

    except for telltale batman, i'm waiting for it to all release at once because i'm not about that episodic life
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