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  1. Chaser

    Dark Road General Discussion Thread

    Level 50 is the max at the moment. Glad there’s some temporary end to what still is an endless grind.
  2. Chaser

    Dark Road General Discussion Thread

    12 hours of Wonderland 2* - between 300,000 and 350,000 BP 12 hours (and 20 charms) of Agrabah 3* - Between 900,000 and 1,000,000 BP BP needed to level up one level - 4,500,000 🥴
  3. Chaser

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory game announced, releasing worldwide in 2020

    It is, as well as Gamescom. TGS begins September 23rd.
  4. Chaser

    Final Fantasy VII Remake - April 10th 2020

    The Butterfingers items are now available for all And part 1 of an interview with Toriyama https://na.finalfantasy.com/topics/201 💀
  5. Chaser


    I'd imagine those would be announced at Gamescom. Microsoft is attending Gamescom virtually and I'd hope that this game of "wait and see" will end there. I'd love a price and a date for the PS5 so I know where it fits into the grand scheme of this crowded release period but I'm not too fussed...
  6. Chaser


    The point is because Sony still has the PlayStation 4 with 100+ million units sold that they have to cater to. I truly get it; it's frustrating wanting a price and a date and every opportunity both Microsoft and Sony skirt around that. But this kind of "late" reveal is also not that unusual...
  7. Chaser

    If you had to erase one character from existence entirely, who would you choose?

    I think for me it would be Axel. Never been too big on his character but he really rubbed me the wrong way in KH3, what with being relegated to just a fourth wall breaker.
  8. Chaser

    I need help

    All threads relating to KH1-KH2.8 are to be posted in Dark Seeker Saga. The 1.5/2.5/2.8 sections are due to be retired.
  9. Chaser

    Rare KH1 NPCs

    Sure did! I love that people still find new things to them in KH1. When KH1.5 launched, I discovered that you could create a shortcut from the shipwreck to next to Ariel's grotto. I had been playing KH1 for like 9 years by that point and I was still blown away. Why, just the other day I saw a...
  10. Chaser

    Dark Road: Chapter 2 - The Presence of Darkness

    Unless there's another delay, Global will get Chapter 2 on August 6th.
  11. Chaser

    Dark Road: Chapter 2 - The Presence of Darkness

    A couple of hours after midnight PT, which is when the story should have been included, they updated a notice from a couple of weeks ago to reflect the delay: So at least knowing it'll drop during the beginning of August is better than the initial confusion when there was nothing. If their...
  12. Chaser

    Will the Kingdom Hearts series ever feature elements from Disney TV-shows?

    We also had some toys from the made for TV Toy Story special in Toy Box It’s been years but a few of us wanted Shego from Kim Possible and Bill Cypher from Gravity Falls to begin. I, personally, have made my feelings clear that I’d like Tangled the Series to be adapted, and for a return to...