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    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    I raised this idea on here once and the entirety of hell was thrown at me for having such a thought 🙃
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    Final Fantasy XVI

    Previews are out. Here's the b-roll the previews are using:
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    There's a showcase this week that should hopefully have some major gameplay reveals. I'm only really expecting Spider-Man 2 with a September release and I can't imagine what Insomniac has in store for us.
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    Forspoken - Anyone playing it?

    The DLC is out this week and I'm guessing, outside of the odd patch, that'll be it for Forspoken which is a real shame. This series had so much potential and I have no idea what took it down.
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    Final Fantasy XVI

    A gay character was mentioned in a leak that the last state of play got other details correct. I believe that’s why the decision to ban the game was made.
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    GameStop Exclusive Funko POP! Kingdom Hearts Sora figure coming June 2023

    Mine arrived today. It's very cute, this Sora design works well as a pop.
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    Film ► Lilo & Stitch live-action remake

    According to THR, Zach is Jumba and Billy is Pleakley, and Kahiau was fired for using racial slurs, and was replaced with Kaipot Dudoit.
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    When do you realistically see this thing being released?

    I know it was a smaller, less important game (that still leaked lol) but MoM only have a two day difference between Japan and global releases was a good sign to me that we won’t get a release delay. The decision is also not solely up to Nomura as well so I’m glad there’ll be people who can...
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    Disney Speedstorm - A Very Goofy Game

    Don't know if anyone here is gonna play it but it's out in Early Access now. If you wanna find other KH fans to race with then you can use this thread to do so.
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    Final Fantasy XVI

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    Sora on that 9 to 5 grind

    Have him work at Stardust in Kamurocho.