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Recent content by Chaser

  1. Chaser

    Did the Mobile Games Worsen KH3

    I think the whole thing around the expectations SE were setting for UX and KH3 were the main catalyst for the fans disappointment with the connection between the two. It was massive when Re:coded got an extra scene added to it's HD compilation that was about Maleficent talking to Pete about the...
  2. Chaser

    News ► New NEO TWEWY screenshots detail team battles, shops, fashion, and more!

    I'm gonna feel bad killing these other teams :( But all in my path must be crushed.
  3. Chaser

    Predictions for the next Kingdom Hearts Game

    I wasn’t serious lol, just making a little joke based on how outlandish it would be (though I would be 100% down for it). Sorry, using the word “truth” wasn’t the best choice.
  4. Chaser

    The World Ends With You - The Animation - Episode 6 ‘Turf’ Discussion Thread

    Neku's smile after learning CAT is Mr Hanekoma I really don't remember Minamoto being so unhinged in the game. Maybe with the voice work it's fleshing that out for him but man, I'm curious to see how he works in a group environment in NEO.
  5. Chaser

    Predictions for the next Kingdom Hearts Game

    This is the closest guess anyone has made to the truth so far
  6. Chaser

    Ace Attorney - 15th Anniversary!

    Pre-orders went up digitally yesterday. Probably the fastest I've ever done a digital pre-order. Only $60, which is a great price for two games.
  7. Chaser

    News ► NEO: The World Ends With You Opening Trailer revealed

    TFW Neku is a glitch in the system
  8. Chaser

    KH references and cameos in other media?

    It’s about time that game made references. I remember there was a wreck it ralph event years ago and there was some line that people thought was a KH reference but it was a little generalised to be confirmed, but those lines are definitely KH 😂
  9. Chaser

    The World Ends With You - The Animation - Episode 5 ‘CAT’ Discussion Thread

    I instantly thought of you and what your reaction would be when I finished the episode 😂
  10. Chaser

    The World Ends With You - The Animation - Episode 5 ‘CAT’ Discussion Thread

    It’s been years since I did a full TWEWY playthrough so a lot of this feels brand new to me, I love it. Also helps that I forgot a lot so I’m not like those people who complain about side quests and mini-game content being cut out of a 12 episode series. Loving the dynamic between Neku and...
  11. Chaser

    Is anyone else concerned about how Phase 2 is going to be handled?

    At this stage I'm less concerned about Disney being as protective of their IP as they were in 2013/2014 when decisions about KH3 were made. I'm just holding them to their word that they want game developers to get innovative with their IPs. Whether that is more about their Star Wars and Marvel...
  12. Chaser

    Adaptive trigger and haptic feedback?

    They could include the rain droplet haptic feedback. Control did one where every step Jesse took made a small vibration in the controller - vibration on the middle left side when she stepped with her left foot, vibration on the middle right side when she stepped with her right foot - but that...