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  • lol. nah it seems like you haven't been around as much lately, tried to hit you up a couple times but i either missed you or caught you when you were backlogged. how has your new years been?
    not at all, i also have no concept of breaking the ice or beginning a conversation besides crude humor or a different variation of hi.

    you must be pretty busy lately.
    imagine this. jason dohring systematically hunts you down in the Australian outback, stands over you, looks you in the eye and says "you joey?" before jumping in a truck that says "RAD" on the side.
    Chaser, I wanted to know. I'm at the beginning of the Mt Corel of FF7. When I enter the Gold Saucer for the Affection Points for who ever joins with Cloud to discover the place is that suppose to be my second visit or is it during that first visit?
    hey ^^ Just wondering, but how long will I have to wait for the 1.5 award? I posted the pic in the thread :3 So happy to play 1 FM
    her. i haven't played my ps4 in a month, all it's used for is so my dad can watch movies because the blu ray broke.

    1. load keyblade graveyard BMG onto thumb drive
    2. insert into ps4
    3. play mad max
    4. wait for storm (sunset for best effect)
    5. ???
    6. profit
    my sister ran away yesterday and stole a bunch of stuff while everyone was asleep, it was really sudden but i guess she's been planning it for a while and i'm all fucked up.
    i enjoy the game quite a bit. leaving the car is a chore but the car combat, driving and customization is solid. totes better with music.

    dude can i talk to you about something personal?
    $100? damn aussie man, i keep forgetting you have to pay with pieces of your soul for vidya games. we'll shareplay it sometime after i get it, see how you like it.
    oh. are you gonna get it or no? i assume your cup of tea is open-world action games so idk.
    sorry dude usually austrailia/UK got stuff first i thought? didn't your side of the pond get the mad max game though? i am beyond hyped for that shit.
    with what? ur ultimate unlock haha

    using anakin's force pull is a fun novelty.
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