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  • And I wasn't upset, I just needed an excuse to get off for the night. Oh yeah, I was still holding you when I got off, so if you feel sore I appoligize.
    Yeah, yeah.

    I commend you for your bravery. No, tomorrow all your friends who saw the movie will just talk about it all day.
    I... Uh.... I'm sorry. I really thought I was right.... lol
    But I got it!! Kind of....... Just.... Mixed up....haha....
    So, what were for you Holloween?
    P.S. Sorry gonna have to talk some other time! My dad's leaving and I g2g. Bye =D
    That mirror would only break if you or Edward cullen looked into it. But since he's a vamp and has no reflection it would probably just be your fault. XD
    No way!!! I'd alway remember yours. I spent a lot of time thinking of a good one.
    It's Sikaru-san. Sakura - Pink/Cherries and Hikaru - Light, mixed together XD
    Thank you ^__^ After this month all the work stops and I'm finally free.

    You watched that "movie"? You okay?
    HAHA! Sorry there YOYO! I had NO idea you liked Edward Cullen so Much. My bad =P
    My partys RULE! Always.
    HP... Uh.... Damn.... What will I do without Hermonie!!?!?!?
    Takyo-chan. That's right. That was your Nickname for me. I completely forgot till now XD
    I know, I told him that he was misunderstanding. Just let him be, he'll learn soon enough.

    Apparently not too thoroughly. You understand, right? ^__^
    Anyway, you do anything today?
    Well.... In all honesty..... He just kinda looks like a REALLY constipated guy....... But.... Whatever floats your boat I guess... Haha.
    Tch! I'll have my own Party!!
    *Starts throwing a HUGE party with Jack Sparrow on a boat!* Pirates ROCK!
    Also, thanks for the Friend thingy =D I promise I'll try not to ditch out on you this time XD
    He just needs to come out of his shell a bit, he just seems kind of introverted. Don't be too harsh on him :p

    You just skimmed the message didn't you? -__- Of course I'm not, I just started talking to you again after two months of not knowing if I'd be able to contact you again. I just have really hectic schedule, and if I dont do all this stuff then it will never clear, then I'll never get to see "you know who."
    Oh the werewolf guy! Haha..... You can keep him XD
    Funny how no one wants Edward..... Haha.... Shovel face
    .... Taylor?
    I know who Britney is.... But..... XD
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