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Recent content by AxelYoYo

  1. AxelYoYo

    Why is there a chosen one?

    There's not exactly a chosen one :p Well there are chosen "ones", just not one person having a keyblade. I think :p
  2. AxelYoYo

    Reddit Game

    funny Reddit. Don't know it? Go read it. Basically, the user downvotes or upvotes the above user's text/pic/joke. Then they do their own and someone else upvotes/downvotes it. So next person either "upvotes" (these are good) or "downvotes" this picture and then THEY can post whatever they...
  3. AxelYoYo

    My birfday yestersday

    Yeah...turned the big One-Nine XD Lot's of family tears XD
  4. AxelYoYo

    Dream Drop Distance's Dream Eaters - An Editorial

    I obviously want to see a cat or hell, a tiger Spirit. That would make my day. And the Panda looks cute!! Good read :)
  5. AxelYoYo


    This anime is so weird! I'm watching the second episode at the moment, and seriously, I don't exactly like Takumi (Main character) Hell, they don't even refer to him as "Takumi" but "Takky!" and "Taku!". It's annoying. Anyways, thoughts?
  6. AxelYoYo

    Destiny Home for the Young and Troubled

    Dreams can only be achieved if you reach, nightmares await at the bottom of the chain The cold classroom that served as the teaching room for English was below frigid. Students sat, huddled together, keeping their heavy jackets locked tightly on their bodies, coversing in loud and quiet voices...
  7. AxelYoYo

    Kingdom Hearts Theory

    Jesus, that's a long post on one theory :/
  8. AxelYoYo

    Why 358/2 Days is a Poor Narrative Experience.

    It seemed to focus more on Xion and her problems, instead of mostly Roxas's problems. They couldn't even balance it out. I mean, in the beginning, it only had cutscenes for Xion's beginning and later on, it turned into some of the Org. Members discussing her mostly, instead of discussing Roxas...
  9. AxelYoYo


    Has anyone watched it? I had to watch it for Science class a long time ago. I love Eugen (the real Jerome). Anyone else? Comments? Opinions?
  10. AxelYoYo

    Sideline Heroes -Kingdom Hearts [Chapter 2 Up]

    Sideline Heroes For those who are wondering, this takes place 15 years after the events of Kingdom Hearts. Everyone is grown up. There are new people (ahem, OC'S) as well as recurring characters from the series. Square Enix owns KH, not me. __ "Thinking of you, wherever you are We pray for...
  11. AxelYoYo

    Destiny Home for the Young and Troubled --OOC and Sign-Ups--

    RP THREAD http://forums.khinsider.com/original-roleplays/164884-destiny-home-young-troubled.html#post5686431 In the beginning... There was an old man by the name of Destiny Trippe, a lonely, crippled man of deep wisdom and power. He had secrets, so many that his secrets would fill the...
  12. AxelYoYo

    Miss me?

    Sup. So I'm back in town. What's kickin? ; )
  13. AxelYoYo

    Alice in Wonderland: Madness Estate [Sign-Ups and OOC]

    -Directions to the Madness Estate- Hello, mad reader, you have been exclusively invited to the Madness Estate. What is the Madness Estate, you ask? Well...that is for you to find out. So come, dear reader, come and find out the mysteriousness of Madness Estate! {Located in only one's nightmare...
  14. AxelYoYo

    It's nice to know...

    It's nice to know you don't want anything to do with me It's nice to know that we had something going I admit it's my fault, yet for you treat me like an unwanted girl... It breaks my heart Yes,yes, these are broken words Yes,yes I know it's been said millions of times Different ways...
  15. AxelYoYo

    Let it burn [Namine/Roxas - Namine/Axel] [Chapter 5 Up]

    Let it Burn Chapter One- My name's Namine. My story all started when my sister, Xion, ran away. It happened on the day of my fourteenth birthday, just before dinner started. I didn't know how it happened, one minute she was up in her room, fuming from something that had happened at school...