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  • *swallows whole* then does that mean i get another? :D
    whats an itouch? is it an ipod that touches people!? :O
    Hi AxelYoYo. Sorry about today. I didn't expect this connection to work but I could also have spoken to soon. So I don't know if I'll be able to stay on for good or not. But I'll tried my best to stay on here until I can't any longer. So far so good.
    Well they all came from the Tree of Knowledge. Only animals and monster can eat these fruits. To humans well, I don't want to recite Adam and Eve.
    Glad you like them. Those apples are perfect for monsters like us. *bites into one of my apples and sucks it dry with my fangs*
    Well, I'm glad you liked it, though I wish I could give you an actual present.

    I would've hung out with you today... but I'm kinda far away. You broke into a building park? v__v Young people these days.
    Oh, you know I'm just kidding. I already know that you loved it so much you were at a loss for words :p

    Are you the type that doesn't go outside if it's cold? Ah, laser tag, I only ever played once, you do anything else?
    So, I take it you didn't like the happy birthday message you? Hmph!

    Anyway, how are you, how was your birthday?
    "We were had by a baby talking pokemon reject!" ^0^ If her lines aren't compensation for her faults, I don't what is ^0^
    Laughing does not equal being clueless
    More weird than you though ?

    It was a line from the anime I'm watching *shrugs* honestly, I take weird over clueless any day [IMG]
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