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    So, how are you, how was your Christmas? A bit late, but, Happy New Years.

    Awesome :D I got everything I asked for X-Mas. You?

    I'll be on and off most of the day, so there's the heads-up :D
    dont know'em but i do know i dont hear any hate out of them xD
    i can only wonder what warps them >.> they even read the passages that preach to not be hatin' ....while hatin'
    thats pretty much all of them xD
    >.> a prime example is their hate of gays, i dont like it but i aint gonna harass them over something i cant freakin help nor actually care bout honestly.
    eh i have nothing against religions however i do hate the ones who run them :/
    it may damn well be the word of god but its still coming out of the mouth of a man, and men can not be trusted or believed.
    >:D *evil smirk* okay then ms. christian~ why is it that the folk of yer religion bitch bout drinking while everyone of them that i've meet drink like fish? or how they are agaisnt sex be marriage yet its just as many of their their own children who cause it? and *grins bigger* why is it that, despite being a religion thats supposed to turn "the other cheek", the religious are the ones who spout the most hate? x)
    blasphemy doesnt mean its betraying god~ :rolleyes: its just used by christians more than anyone else cause to them everyone its a blasphemer.
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