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  • fak, i havent been on in a while so i didnt get to see your comment. you still here? TT^TT
    APP!!!! How've you been these days of late??? JWJW, i haven't been on here in quite a ticktock or two, so, just droppin in to see what's up!
    yeah i heard lol Christians tut tut (considering im Christian) her father band her from all activity on the internet or something.
    umm.... well if anyone wants 2 kno, APP has pretty much been kicked off this website by her father, so she might not reply 2 u 4 a very very long time....
    It is now updated, I had to go back through my hard drive cause I lost the flashdrive though. So there are only a few more pics.
    supa nova is in two weeks and are you still seeing lm.c? also the infernal drawing competition has started and it will end on the 11th of apirl and thats the same day supa nova ends and im im thinking of entering some yaoi pictures which picture should I enter? i drew light and L from death note and the twins from ouran boys host club
    hello.... i am axel's girl sister..... she SCREAM (at me) 'you suck!! both of them are online at the same time!' (at you) 'i beat days on standard and am now on day 226 on proud mode!'
    hey, I'm just here to say that I finished your sig and avvy a little while ago...
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