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  • Same. Just catching up with some anime, reading some fiction, and some rpgs when I'm not busy.

    Ha! You're one to say! jk
    Then, how about riding it out then? :O

    I already got myself a 3DS. Lol, and I think a kid would notice if it didn't work or not... xD
    Really? Well, if that's what you want then you should! As long as you think you can find another job then. :p

    I might have to get one soon. cause my DS broke and it doesn't work anymore. :/
    It's been awhile since we've last talked. What's new with me is due to walking on my ankle after the doctor told me no. I injured it worst than before. So now, I'm stuck with walking with crutches for another four to six weeks.
    Haha, lag!

    Well, you seem like you don't like it, huh? xD

    Oh yes, I actually just saw it today. It does look interesting. Are you gonna get a 3DS this time? Or nothing again?
    Oh yeah? Since how long ago?

    It seems it did. Anything exciting you think about all the new KH stuff? :D
    Well, didn't you work before somewhere? Or are you working somewhere else now?

    Eh, I couldn't be on. I was practically out all day, and passed out once I got home... xP
    Well, stay tuned! I'm sure there is something coming. I think there will be, hopefully soon.

    You never sleep, if I'm correct, right? xD
    Oh yeah! You gotta come on when it's TGS, I'm hoping they are gonna at least say something new about it.

    I been good though! What about you? :D
    Ahaha, oh wow. You are on! Lemme guess, you are on cause of that new 3D footage? xD
    Yuukibear! Ish meh, APP! Im using my friends account cuz shes so nice lol but i miss u lots!!!! T^T
    You've been reading what? lol As for me I've been reading KHR (still good but I'm not enjoying it as much as I did before, Hayate the Combat Butler (pretty funny if you understand the jokes),Iris Zero (really creative and unique romance), Soul Eater NOT! (good so far), and The World Only God Knows (good to read when you're super bored and need a goood laugh).

    Glad to hear xD... well sorta =w=
    Okay, are you angry about something because you used the '?!'? Anyways, I am planning a study group sometime this week, because I have a quiz for my Sociology class.
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